Sale and Manufacture of Refractory Products
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- To verify the correct melting of the metallic load realized in the sintered one.

- Indispensable to have maintained for 1 hour, 50 ºC above the nominal temperature of strain.

- Check that the vent-wall is in good condition and there is no crack formation. If any, apply a plastic mass in the zone as INSEPLAST-70PF.

- To verify that quartzite expansion has been corrected

- Do not recarburate with low feet of baths in the nascent linings.

- In the first strain and successive strains, empty the furnace and verify the superficial aspect of the lining. It must be homogeneous and exempt from cracks.

- To assure that in the deslagging practice, the permanency time of the slag coagulant is the strictly necessary.