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During last year we have been working in two developments focusing on the STEEL SECTOR:

    - Materials for the body lining in coreless induction furnaces.
    - Materials for the ladle.

One would be focused on the development of our range of INSETAG. We are having a very good results in large and small capacity furnaces. Material: INSETAG 87 C1, INSETAG 87 R1, INSETAG 87 R5, Specially designed to have a higher layer hard work without detriment to the amount of dust in layers back and thus increase performance.

Second would be a castable based on alumina and magnesia for the lining of steel casting ladles. Material: INSETAB SP.



  • Mix dry-corundum high purity and high quality sintered magnesia based forming spinel, used by vibration or tamping.
  • It has excellent resistance to chemical attack.
  • The formation of spinel gives good resistance to thermal shock.
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED to have a more hard layer of work without the expense of a large amount of dust in tail coats.

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