Coreless Induction Furnace

Coreless Induction Furnace
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Own mine

Mina Insertec

Insertec has its own mine in Naharros, Spain, where a highquality quartzite is extracted that is used for the production of its CUARSIL product range.

Furnace top zone improvements (Top-Sil)

Piezas prefabricadas hierro
  1. 1. Mechanical
    • Larger sintering layer.
    • Resistance to impacts and erosion.
  2. 2. Solution to the expansion between working layer and the top layer
    • Same raw material in all refractories.
    • No joints between layers.
  3. 3. Critical point
    • A solution for the joint between working layer and spout.
  4. Continuous patching
    • This material prevents continuous patching
  5. Thermal shock
    • Specifically designed to resist the thermal shock.

Insertec Tips

For safety reasons: remove the furnace lining when 1/3 of it has been worn off.