Refractory Products

At INSERTEC, with more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing refractories, we work with the most advanced technological means and with a highly qualified human team, to offer quick and accurate solutions to our customers.

These are our featured products for different sectors.


  • CUARSIL IS4 0.6 AN


    - Dry silica mass based on high purity microcrystalline quartzite.

    - Mixed with Boron Oxide (B203)-AN 


    - CIF. Coreless induction furnaces.

    - Lining of high, medium and low frecuency.



    - Chemically bonded plastic material based on tabular alumina.

    - High mechanical strength at any temperature.

    - To be installed by ramming or manually.



    - Maintenance of spouts and body lining in coreless induction furnaces.

    - Melting iron and steel.

    - Repairs of runners.

    - Lining of small iron and steel ladles.

    - Also suitable for the aluminium and non.-ferrous metals industries.

  • INSETAG 87 C1


    - Dry mix based on high purity corundum and high quality sintered magnesia forming spinel.

    - It must be installed by vibration or ramming.

    - Its specially designed matrix formulation performs an excellent chemical attack resistance.

    - Improved thermal shock resistance.

    - DESIGNED TO create a thiscker sintered lining without reducing the back part power.



    - Lining of coreless induction furnaces for melting a wide range of steels: carbon steels, alloyed and highly alloyed steels.

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