Enabling progress

Integral production process

\ Integral production process

We create value for our customers thanks to our experience and know-how.

Our knowledge in furnace engineering and manufacturing helps us produce better refractories, and our deep knowledge in refractories helps us design better furnaces.

In Insertec we control all production facets of our products thanks to an integral production process. From the extraction of raw materials for refractories in our own mine, to the assembly and commissioning of the equipment in the customer’s facilities.

Insertec Group

\ Insertec Group

Insertec, founded in 1980, is today a powerful international industrial group, present in 8 countries, with headquarters in Bizkaia - Spain - and numerous delegations around the world

We have an excellent team of more than 250 highly qualified professionals

In addition to our headquarters and delegations, we have our own plants and infrastructures such as:

  • Mine in Guadalajara (Spain), from which we extract the mineral for our refractories.
  • Leading chemical laboratory to carry out tests for our projects.
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