The world is watching us

"The world is watching us. It's time to act. With this slogan, the COP25 climate summit started on Monday in Madrid. In his inaugural speech, its new president, Carolina Schmidt Zaldívar, stressed the importance of a real commitment of political institutions and the need for a faster, fairer and more inclusive climate transition.

2020 must be the year in which the industrial sector takes an active part in achieving new environmental objectives, such as the control of waste, the use of recycled raw materials or energy efficiency. Internal processes also have to change, recycling has to be imposed in the working methodology.

In the case of aluminium, the importance of recycling is significant since, in addition to helping to protect the environment, it involves savings in energy and raw materials.

Already in 2007, an article published in Interempresas stressed that "by recycling scrap metal, water pollution, air pollution and mining waste are significantly reduced by 70%. Likewise, obtaining recycled aluminum reduces air pollution by 95%, saves 90% of the energy consumed in processing and contributes to the lower use of electrical energy, compared to the processing of virgin materials.

One of the main advantages of aluminum is that it can be re-melted without losing its physico-chemical characteristics; it is a product framed in a process of almost infinite use/recycling/use. In addition, the waste generated by recycling operations does not pose any risk to the environment when treated properly. Finally, it should be remembered that "the recycling of one tonne of aluminium will lead to the non-use of 5 tonnes of bauxite. In this way it helps in the recovery of the natural resources that we have on the planet.



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