T5 heat treatment: advantages of the rotary-hearth continuous furnace

The rotary-hearth continuous furnace has established itself as a key piece of equipment in T5 heat treatment processes and, more specifically, in solubilizing and aging. Flexible, compact, fast, efficient, automated…: let's review some of its main strengths.

Flexibility. Rotary-hearth continuous furnaces are fully adapted to changes in the type of parts to be treated: they allow flexible automation of the loading and unloading of the parts. This is a feature of great importance in solubilizing and aging processes that seek to provide mechanical and corrosion resistance, hardness and toughness to a wide variety of parts (wheels, fuselage components, engine blocks, etc.) for a wide range of sectors (automotive, aeronautics, electrical, energy, etc.).

Reduction of the space required in the plant. Thanks to its configuration, the installation of this type of furnace can be carried out in limited spaces, thus increasing the useful space of the plant and opening the door to an increase in production.

Quality. The presence of a heating chamber ensures temperature uniformity which, in turn, makes the process optimal.
Speed. The rotary hearth furnace is specially designed to shorten cycle times with a faster heating process.

Limited human intervention. Due to its configuration, the rotary hearth furnace limits human intervention, guaranteeing safer working conditions for operators and reducing the risk of human error.

Energy savings. Thanks to our basketless system, there is no need to use any tooling to support parts (rollers, belts, chains, etc.) which would have to be heated at each cycle. For the same reason, it also minimizes energy loss.

Possibility of electrification. As a commitment to the decarbonization of production plants, Insertec has worked on the electrification of its equipment. We allow our clients to choose between this option and the traditional one in their projects.

Combinable with IFI PROCESS AUTOMATION / LAU INTELLIGENT SYSTEM. In our latest projects of engineering solutions for heat treatment, we have integrated the technologies IFI PROCESS AUTOMATION (process automation) and LAU INTELLIGENT SYSTEM (digitalization and analysis of data in real time). This is for example the case in the aluminium casting plant for the manufacture of automotive parts with melting and heat treatment furnaces designed for Renault.