RENEWABLE ENERGY SECTOR/Treatment of large parts

Battery of 4 furnaces with a capacity of 25 tons has been delivered for the wind sector for the heat treatment of forged rings to manufacture wind turbines.

Components of the installation:
Four chamber furnaces
Two hardening tanks
loading machine
forced cooling station
Three loading-unloading tables

Technical characteristics:
Maximum oven temperature:1050ºC
Temperature uniformity: According to API standards
8ºC Tempering, 10ºC Annealing and Quenching.
Useful load dimensions:
Load capacity 25 Ton.
Heating system: High speed natural gas burners
Installed thermal power: 8640 kW
Control mode: Sequential pulsating T/N

The Heat Treatment installation is equipped with a centralised control system by means of PLC programmable controllers, completed with a supervision and process data collection system for the correct traceability of the treatment.

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