Predictive maintenance through digitisation of industrial plants

We cannot think about increasing productivity without having fully functional equipment. To achieve this, maintenance is the key, but with this we do not know the real state of the company's assets. To avoid forensic analysis, we need to be ahead of the curve, and for this we need predictive analysis, and at this point our support is digitalisation; this is where a world of new possibilities opens up.

Predictive maintenance
The objective is simple: to detect anomalies and failures as early as possible in order to provide solutions before they have an impact on the activity. Predictive maintenance has an impact on the plant's daily operations (avoiding unscheduled shutdowns and/or limiting their duration), which in turn translates into profitability (maintaining the rate of production) by ensuring that the equipment operates at full capacity. Digitisation of plants enables real-time analysis and early reaction.

Predictive quality
Thanks to the digitisation of plants, we can monitor product quality during the same production cycle and anticipate possible defects. Consequences: higher quality end product, customer satisfaction and limited losses.

Energy efficiency
The real-time analysis of the plant's energy efficiency is another great contribution of the digitisation of installations. By optimising the energy consumption of each piece of equipment, we gain in sustainability, but we are also committed to greater plant safety and productivity.

From predictive maintenance to personalisation: LAU INTELLIGENT SYSTEM

Predictive maintenance, quality, energy efficiency: the vast majority of plant management systems take all these parameters into account. They are very important data for the optimal functioning of the installations, but they are still generic.

At Insertec, we want to go further by helping you to detect the specific problem of your plant and providing the best alternative to solve it. This is the main advantage of Lau Intelligent System, our digital solution focused on improving the competitiveness of companies through advanced data analytics.

It is not a tool: it is a digital asset.

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Lau Intelligent System

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