Oman project: construction & commissioning phase

Considerable progress has been made incurrent CONSTRUCTION & COMMISSIONING phase of the project.

Current progress
Among the advances made, the last furnace (Sidewell Melting Furnace) of the project has been received.

Pretreatment System, Waste Material Charging Conveyor, IDEX, (2x) Sidewell Melting Furnace, Dosing system, Alloying Holding Furnace, Holding Caster Furnace.

A brief overview of the situation in Oman:
--> Dosing system - COLD TEST carried out
--> Alloying Holding Furnace - COLD TEST carried out
--> Holding Caster Furnace - COLD TEST carried out
--> (x1) Sidewell Melting Furnace (x1) – Lining ongoin