The metallurgy of iron ever needs faster melting processes. This fact make furnaces with high current density near the periphery of the lining ; for this reason the temperature in this area suffering the effects of overheating and logical sudden cooling of fusion process.

When lining has a good resistance to thermal shock will cause cracks, if dosent close, they are  the way of metal infiltration. These metal penetrations can compromise the final performance of all lining.

INSERTEC, have developed a complete range of CUARSIL IS7, with some improved performance thermomechanical that means, better resistance of the lining to the formation of cracks.

To deal with this stricter requirements, the Cuarsil IS7 has fused silica within its components.  This new formulation allows the material to have a smaller thermal expansion and contraction, both in the hot and cold faces. The use of the Cuarsil IS7 is also recommended for furnace with a harsh thermal cycle, where it will maintain its mechanical integrity across the working life