New application for induction furnace: INSECOR 70

One of the ways to cast iron in a foundry is to use automatic casting units. There are various types, with and without heating. The most typical option is one with an external inductor in the form of a channel, most of which are pressurised. However, there are also those units that have an elliptical coil embracing the vessel as if it were a classic induction furnace. This type of furnace is known as a CAP (Coreless Auto Pour) furnace.

INSERTEC lined, on the hot face, the CAP furnaces with INSECOR-70S. This is a dry vibrating mass based on alumina with a content of approximately 60%. The way of installation is similar to the realization of a crucible induction furnace, using a former and applying vibration on it and/or by means of manual electric vibrators/pisons.

In the last three years we have worked on improving this mass, having developed the INSECOR-70S PLUS and INSECOR-77S PLUS which improve the performance of the previous ones.

The main characteristic of the new materials is the presence of a little more powder in the part near the coil and an improvement in the sealing of the porosity, being more difficult the soaking of the coating by the slag and the iron.

These masses have been installed in CAP furnaces from 4t to 25t with excellent results.
Do not hesitate to discuss with your INSERTEC agent the best option for your furnace.