As a general rule, the heating rate during the sintering process is related to the capacity/dimensions of the furnace. It can range from about 100°C/h for large furnaces to 200°C for
furnaces with smaller capacities.

BIG FURNACE       Approx 100ºC/hour
SMALL FURNACE     Approx 200ºC/hour 

From a refractory point of view we can present solid and liquid sinterings, each with its advantages and disadvantages that are subject to the need/experience/knowledge of the client.

Steps to follow in a liquid sintering process:

  • Preparation of the furnace to receive the impact of the liquid metal.
  • Preheat the furnace to 850°C-1000°C
  • Liquid metal pouring.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Heating up to sintering temperature gradually.

As a proposal to be considered in steel sintering, we recommend the use of INSECOAT TAG, a refractory paint that is applied on the former in a way that allows maintaining the former for a longer period of time when high temperatures +1200ºC are being reached in the furnace sintering. In this way the lining sinters in optimal conditions, avoiding problems.