International Recycling Day – 17th May

The International Recycling Day has been celebrated on the past 17th of May.

We at INSERTEC are devoting our passion to collaborate on this important subject, willing to make our World more sustainable each day.

The main field where we supply solutions and technologies is related to the Recycling of Aluminium, which is nowadays a very competitive market. It is necessary to achieve a high metal recovery in a sustainable environment, complying with the strictest EU environmental regulations.

The success of obtaining the maximum metal recovery depends on the nature of the material and its physical characteristics. Nowadays, the wide range of metal scraps may contain a variable but significant amount of impurities, foreign elements such as paints, plastics, oils and water, which have in the end a direct impact on metal recovery, and therefore the right choice of Recycling Technology is crucial to achieve a the highest metal yield and fastest return on the investment done.

Our Best Available Technology for Aluminium Recycling is based in Continuous Process lines, with a process divided in the following 3 main stages:

  • Pretreatment of the scrap metal. Shredding and sorting step to facilitate the cleaning and selection of the main metal fraction
  • Thermal cleaning process by controlled pyrolysis to remove any coating such as paint, lacquers, or other volatile organic components such as oil and moisture it may contain.
  • Final Melting process of the sorted and cleaned scrap, by its immersion in a vortex of molten metal circulation.

Because only melting the metal fraction, and after having been separated from other contaminants in the pre-treatment stage and after having been cleaned and decoated in the second stage, a very high metal yield of the scrap charged is achieved, and so the generation of slags and the energy consumptions are very much reduced.

For each of the stages special fumes and gases control abatement system are installed, so that this industrial Plants can comply with the environmental regulations for the desired sustainability.