Insertec, KUKA and Mek&bot sign collaboration agreement

Insertec, KUKA and Mek&bot have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of developing robotic solutions focused on improving the efficiency of plants, implementing process and operator safety, increasing the profitability and safety of companies.

This collaboration stems from the growing market demand for autonomous, highly efficient, traceable and safe solutions: it includes, among others, the prototyping, manufacture and launch of robots for the maintenance and repair of aluminium melting furnaces (GARBI0A1) and the handling of parts in heat treatment furnaces (EUTSI 0T1).

Strategic partners

Insertec's knowledge and extensive experience are decisive in the design of equipment that is useful for operations, improving the efficiency and performance of the plants.

KUKA, an international leader in robotics and automation solutions, collaborates closely with Insertec and Mek&bot to provide robotic solutions to diverse industries such as automotive, aeronautics, and others.

Mek&bot, a specialist in the integration of robotic solutions, closes the circle of specialists that allow us to offer innovative robotic solutions for your industry.

This agreement will be the basis for the execution of SOLUTIONS projects and integral services of ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION for industrial companies, whatever their activity, from the analysis and initial approach, to its implementation and operational start-up.