INSERTEC CHINA.- Back to work-

The activity has begun, both in production and in offices.
With the health measures required by the pandemic: check body temperature, limit the number of people eating lunch in the canteen and maintain a safe distance between people.

Jason Guo our General Manager in China has kindly answered the following questions with which we can see the current situation of our colleagues in China.

INSERTEC: How you are

.Jason Guo : All the Insertec China employees and their families are good. We were back to work since Feb 12th. 

·I:        What are you doing today regarding safety in the plant

·JG: We still requested employees to wear masks during working, having lunch in seperated schedule. We provided disinfections at offices and at the entrance of our plant. We measure temprature for all the people entering into our plant. We check the healthy 2-D barcode for the vistors.

· I:       And in the streets?

·        JG: Except indoors entertainment, for example, cinemas, are not open. Others, like shops, resturants are all opened. Public transportation are all running normally.

·  I:      Are the kids coming back to school

·        JG: Different areas had different policy. For example, in Zhenjiang, primary schools have opened, but in Nanjing middle schools are not opened.

· I:       How are the customers

·        JG: Most of them started the operation. 

·I:        Can you travel

·        JG: We can travel now by different vechicles, bus, high speed train, and air planes.

· I:       … and the most important thing is to wish from China a soon recovery of all of us, only fighting together we will win this war against Covid19

·        JG: Yes, hope this disaster could end as soon as possible.