In our working mine, we reduce the "Visual impacts" avoiding work in areas that are displayed from the usual passage of people.mina sostenible 2

As you can see in the photo, the front of work mine is holding on the side of the mountain refugee from the village and the road,  so you can not see the mine from both.

Also we reduce the impact with a "Surface water erosion"  an operating system that facilitates the channelling of rainwater. In this  way when it rains, the vegetation does not go down the mountain.

We get the maximum use of the resources, through the decantation and recirculation of water from the laundry. This system is known as closed circuit with "Poured 0".In this way, we avoid straining scarce water resources in the area.MINA SOSTENIBLE

We try that the advance of the mine work, been  less aggressive as possible, restoring the land; Acting on the fronts and disused pits. For this purpose we store the material not used, in order to fill the gaps.

For these reason we said that we think in green in our mine.