Global logistical problems

As you probably know we are facing a terrible situation of the sea freight and shipping transport. We are in a crazy moment with freight increases multiplying by 4 and 5!!!!

Not only the shipments from Far East to Europa and North America are facing problems, but also the shipments from Spain and Europe to the rest of the world.

The shortage of containers all around the world due to the blank sailings policy  of the shipping lines are driving to the shipping transport to a situation of high sea freights and waiting times of weeks  to get the booking confirmation from shipping lines.

Beside that, the shortage is a result of the demand for shipping during the pandemic as people have bought up goods for home improvements, furniture and tech for their new home offices. Combine that with all the personal protective and medical equipment flowing through the global port system and you have a recipe for bottlenecks and backlog

Nowadays, sometimes  is very difficult to ship and sail containers from one day to another and  besides the sea freight rates are increasing continuously, general speaking,

Furthermore the world is facing a shortage of containers at all the ports of the world, This situation, according to experts and consultants will be similar all this year. This is the reason why we need to schedule the shipments in advance, some weeks before the cargo ready date in order to avoid big delays  and problems