Eco-responsible projects

Last April 22nd was World Earth Day. At Insertec, we didn't celebrate it because our commitment to the environment knows no dates. We work every day to develop solutions that, as well as responding to the needs of our clients, are also eco-responsible.

In both our furnaces and refractory units, we carry out projects that support the development of equipment, materials and new energies that contribute to the protection of our environment and our planet.

Reducing emissions and energy consumption, promoting the circular economy, decarbonisation and the use of green energies, plant control and robotisation…: we put all our know-how and technology at the service of an eco-responsible industry.

Some of our latest projects and developments:
BAUXAL II. Transformation of a secondary aluminium oxide of recycled origin into an alternative raw material to refractory bauxite.
Basque Hydrogen Corridor. INSERTEC's participation in the project will respond to the technological objective of developing a new generation of refractory materials to meet the new conditions established by hydrogen combustion (from the selection and characterisation of raw materials, the development of new formulations, and the optimisation of manufacturing processes and the installation of linings).
ETEKINA. Application of heat exchange systems for energy recovery.
New impellers. Development of impellers capable of operating in larger furnaces allowing, in addition to energy savings, greater homogeneity of the broth and the generation of vortexes.
RECIALEF. New equipment design with the aim of achieving a reduction in emissions, an increase in deliming and metal recovery.
LIMHO 4.0. Industrialisation of the GARBI 0A1 in demanding industrial environments.

At Insertec, 22 April is not a special date because environmental protection is not a calendar event: it is our day to day life.