Data exploration for the strengthening of companies

The digitalisation of plants is already a reality, but we are not talking about digitising a furnace, an injection machine… we are talking about an integral digitalisation service for industrial companies, whatever their activity, from its analysis and initial approach, to its implementation. Centralised, real time and personalised information: Strengthening companies with data.

Centralized information. Unify data from a wide variety of sources in an understandable format that facilitates decision-making. It has to provide solutions to the daily operation in all its aspects, in a fast, transversal, simple way and always linked to economic results.

Information in real time. Knowing what has happened helps to avoid future errors; knowing what is happening allows you to solve them before they have an impact on the profit and loss account.

Personalised information. Each plant and process is different. An integral plant digitalization service allows a completely customized data exploration through variable metrics and alarms defined by the user himself. The decision is made based on your KPIs: the real performance of the plant is clear, how to improve it too.

From information to knowledge: Lau Intelligent System

From INSERTEC we are going to contribute our experience in engineering and industrial processes, as well as a high specialisation in Aluminium Plants, and from Xabet its wide experience in processes and projects of Digital Transformation.

In short, between Insertec and Xabet we are committed, as always, to embark together with our Clients and collaborators on this journey with the greatest of hopes towards continuous improvement, towards the democratisation of information, towards the incorporation of a digital asset into your organisations.

Because that and no other is the final objective of the LAU project.

To allow your organisations to make your digitalisation plans and projects a reality, allowing the information to reach all the necessary departments in real time for faster and more intelligent decision making, in short, to make them more efficient and profitable through digitalisation.

For more information about our digital solution, please visit the following page:
Lau Intelligent System

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