Crystalline silica and its categorization, a challenge for business management

The most important work of companies in terms of SAFETY and HYGIENE is to determine the points of risk.

Once located, it is to create a follow up guide for a safe work and in this way avoid, help and learn to work without risks.

With this objective in mind, we were present at the conference organized by FEAF( Spanish Federation Foundry Association) on the cataloguing of crystalline silica.

Last Thursday 17/09/2020, our Quality Director participated in the session for managers organized by the FEAF, "Keys to business management in the face of the challenges of cataloguing respirable crystalline silica as a carcinogenic agent".

This guide for the foundry sector aims to help and guide in the following aspects:
- To respond to the requirement of reaching the lowest level of risk technically possible.
- Strategy in view of the uncertainties introduced by the legal adaptations.
- Demonstration of the employer's diligent action in terms of prevention.

In short, it aims to be a guide to optimize prevention and its management.

INSERTEC will participate as a reviewer of the guide together with other companies in the foundry sector, trade unions, labour inspection, technical specialists, medical specialists

Although the guide is voluntary, there is no doubt that the result of this work, in which different actors have agreed, should be recognised.