The adhered corundum layer is initially soft and can be easily removed, but in later stages the product is dense, hard and difficult to remove during cleaning and can cause mechanical damage to the lining during removal.


    The preindustrial prototype for Paval refining with a Refinal´s capacity of 500tpy has been started during the month of October, as it was expected in the project´s schedule.

  • RENAULT Bursa Project,

    in Turkey, where INSERTEC has supplied a 2000 kg/hr Fusora Tower and auxiliary equipment .


    INSERTEC, Put at your disposal an engineering studies; Combination of Refractory castables and precast pieces to rehabilitate and optimize the performance of lining.


    The soluble fibre blanket is manufactured using a unique spinning technology and is made from a mixture of calcium, silica and magnesium which gives the fibre the ability to withstand continuous applications under high temperature conditions of 1300ºC.

  • IDEX Our green furnace

    The IDEX® is designed to give maximum flexibility together with minimum fuel consumption and emissions. It is an indirectly fired rotary kiln for thermal delacquering / drying that removes volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as water coolants, paints, oils, ... from the surface of crushed aluminium materials.

  • BIG-BLOCKS- Aluminium Solutions

    Refractory bricks have been used for the lining of reverberatory furnaces. For the installation of these bricks, a large amount of concrete is required, which then has to be dried and takes a long time to lay. As an alternative from INSERTEC, we propose the use of the so-called BIG-BLOCKS.

  • INSERTEC CHINA cumple 15 años 2004/2019

    Nuestra filial está de celebración. ...

  • SUMMER - Melting Tower

    Some of our customer in Casting Aluminium, taking advantage in summer holidays to setting up their Melting Towers. INSERTEC, Put at your disposal an engineering studies; Combination of Refractory castables and precast pieces to rehabilitate and optimize the performance of lining. SIFCA technology su ...

  • Tilting Reverb Melter Aplication Report

    illet Casthouse Melting unit Aluminium Tilting Reverb Melter MELTING PRODUCTION RATES  Furnace capacity....................................................12 Ton Material to process - 70% Baled or loose clean Window frames & profiles,Occasionally painted or dirty scrap - 30% Primary Ingot b ...

  • PROJECTS, summer 2015

    During July and August 2015, INSERTEC has been undertaken more than 60 pojects of maintenance Refractory linings. The local market is still predominantly but we have had an increase of projects in the rest of Europe. To carry out these projects, e have counted with the support of a team of more than ...


    Aluminium MELTOWER Furnace Continuous Melting furnace 5000 kg/hr on tower mode, for alloyed aluminium in high-pressure diecasting process. MELTOWER designed and manufactured in modular way, charging hood, preheating and melting chambers, over a structural support frame. The height is adjusted to tra ...

  • INSETAG 87 C2

    Currently the range of Insetag products (INSETAG 87C2 - INSETAG 90 XF) are being used in Europe, in countries such as Turkey and other countries of the African continent in very particular conditions. INSETAG 87 C2-INSERTEC Adverse conditions in terms of quality of scrap, loading systems manuals etc ...


    MAPATCH 90, for transfer ladle lining, works as sacrifice material which adheres the slag material and remains of casting that could contaminate the metal and protecting the refractory of slags attack that can damage the lining having to repair the surface of the ladle. Main advantages of this mater ...


    Stable material PLASTIC PATCH is a compressible refractory joint filler, developed for Anode Baking Furnaces, to protect expansion gaps against clogging with packing coke during heat up and operation, and prevent the distortion of flue-walls during thermal cycling. Developed by CIR Laboratory Canada ...


    The dictionary defines a cupola as a domed roof, a gun turret or a vertical cylindrical Furnace to melt metal to further refine it in other furnaces, or to cast it into useful shapes. The editors of Encyclopedia Britannica claim that René-Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur built the first cupola furnace ...

  • MAXION , Brasil

    This week INSERTEC, has participated in the opening of the new plant of MAXION Brazil. MAXION is a Brazilian capital group manufacturer of wheels steel and aluminium; this company  bought all the plants in the world of a traditional wheel manufacturer " hayes lemmerz aluminium"; with this expansion ...


    Due to the considerable savings produced during recycling and to the simplicity of the process, the aluminum started to be recycled a long time ago, and today is a widespread activity, technically solved and profitable, In fact, more than the 75% of the last 100 years produced aluminum is today in u ...


    INSERTEC, has developed a new range of plastic products. Comercial name DRYPLAST. The main difference from INSEPLAST range is the use of a dry binder,  with this new binder we get these advantages: Manteinance the consistency that needs for working, adding water. Considerably lengthen the shelf lif ...


    During the process of  furnaces loading, the linning in the crown area supports strong blows;  in manual or mechanical loading. This problem is the cause of the development of this new range of products; whose main characteristics is the high mechanical resistance. Also presented during the fusion ...

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