• RENAULT Bursa Project,

    in Turkey, where INSERTEC has supplied a 2000 kg/hr Fusora Tower and auxiliary equipment .

  • IDEX Our green furnace

    The IDEX® is designed to give maximum flexibility together with minimum fuel consumption and emissions. It is an indirectly fired rotary kiln for thermal delacquering / drying that removes volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as water coolants, paints, oils, ... from the surface of crushed aluminium materials.

  • Tilting Reverb Melter Aplication Report

    illet Casthouse Melting unit Aluminium Tilting Reverb Melter MELTING PRODUCTION RATES  Furnace capacity....................................................12 Ton Material to process - 70% Baled or loose clean Window frames & profiles,Occasionally painted or dirty scrap - 30% Primary Ingot b ...


    Aluminium MELTOWER Furnace Continuous Melting furnace 5000 kg/hr on tower mode, for alloyed aluminium in high-pressure diecasting process. MELTOWER designed and manufactured in modular way, charging hood, preheating and melting chambers, over a structural support frame. The height is adjusted to tra ...


    The dictionary defines a cupola as a domed roof, a gun turret or a vertical cylindrical Furnace to melt metal to further refine it in other furnaces, or to cast it into useful shapes. The editors of Encyclopedia Britannica claim that René-Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur built the first cupola furnace ...

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