• Newsletter - May 2020

    Aluminium recycling, refractory castable and setting…: our newsletter is now available.

  • INSERTEC INDUS- Meetings

    INSERTEC INDUS is Planning to arrange Advice and Instructional Support meetings with individual and or foundry groups with customised topics of your choice such as: Best Practice Procedures for Refractories in CIF, Ladles, Press Pour furnaces etc. Refractory types and influences towards best choices ...

  • INSERTEC INDUS INSERTEC maintains its production

    During these uncertain times, we can advise that INSERTEC has been able to maintain its production of Specialised RAMMING MASS due to its ‘Essential Business Status’.

  • International Recycling Day – 17th May

    We at INSERTEC are devoting our passion to collaborate on this important subject, willing to make our World more sustainable each day.

    The main field where we supply solutions and technologies is related to the Recycling of Aluminium, which is nowadays a very competitive market. It is necessary to achieve a high metal recovery in a sustainable environment, complying with the strictest EU environmental regulations.

  • Newsletter - Abril 2020

    Covid-19, gunit repair, new material…: Our newsletter is now available.

  • INSERTEC CHINA.- Back to work-

    The activity has begun, both in production and in offices.With the health measures required by the pandemic: check body temperature, limit the number of people eating lunch in the canteen and maintain a safe distance between people. Jason Guo our General Manager in China has kindly answered the foll ...


    The elimination of water from the refractory material must be progressive and carried out at a controlled speed determined by the characteristics of the product, the quantity, the thickness and the thermal profile of the lining to be dried.

  • INSERTEC's 40th anniversary

    INSERTEC turns 40 this February. It was a day 2 of 1980 where the vision of Julio Astigarraga Urquiza was embodied in the constitution of INSERTEC, acronym for INGENIERÍA y SERVICIOS TÉCNICOS SA. In this adventure he was always accompanied by Miguel Astigarraga Urquiza, Miguel Urruticoechea Urquiza and José Luis Agirre Ormaza.


    At the end of January, a day was dedicated to review and monitor the LIFE BAUXAL II project at the BEFESA ALUMINIO facilities, more specifically at its Valladolid plant. With the participation of technicians from INSERTEC and BEFESA, the most significant advances of the project to date were analyzed and the guidelines and next steps to be taken.


    Electric arc furnace roofs and treatmeant ladles have an important role in the steel-making process. They are lined with bricks and/or castings and, depending on the size of the furnace, may or may not be refrigerated by water.

  • Newsletter - November 2019

    Winter Shutdown, corundum growth, Bauxal proyect...: Our newsletter is now available

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