ALUMINIUM, Key in the construction of modern aircraft.

A combination of lightness, ressitance and high electrical and thermal conductivity, is the property that became a key to Aluminium and its alloys, for the construction of aircraft,  automobiles, or engines, among many other applications. And it is that a given volume of aluminium weighs less than one-third of the same volumen of steel. Unique lighter metals are Lithium, Berylium and Magnesium.avion

On the other hand, only has a 63% of the electrical conductivity of the copper wire of the same thickness, but weighing less than half.  This means that a comparable one of cooper conductivity aluminium wire is thicker, but still lighter.  All of  this has its importance in case of  the transport of electricity of high voltage-700,00 volts or more-longer distance for what, precisely, are used for aluminium conductors.