Corundum formation and its subsequent destruction of the furnace lining can be a constant worry to the maintenance department. The picture below is all too common of a reality in a typical Aluminium Foundry.

    The following conditions facilitate corundum formation:

    • Excessive free silica in the refractory.

    • Excessive amounts of sodium, either in the refractories or in the fluxes.

    • Refractory products that do not have any non-wetting agents.

    • Inefficient burner operation carbonizes deposits on the refractory, thus rendering it wettable by molten aluminIum. Carbon deposits would occur if the burners are not runnning properly.

    • Negative furnace pressure, thus aspirating oxygen into the furnace.

    • Excessive temperature, e.g., 850°C plus and it would be worst if burner`s flame beats the lining.

    * Same as above, if electric roof heaters are very close to linings not having good properties against aluminium.

    As you can see by the above points, there are multiple factors that go into corundum formation. We want to make it clear that there is no one factor that will eliminate corundum.

    Also, the formation cannot be solved by refractory selection alone. This helps but we need to go to the root cause.  Aluminium producers must make an analysis and clean the furnaces on a regular basis in order to reduce the chances of  corundum build ups.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

  • FENAF 2019

    Our subsidiary in Brazil has once again participated in FENAF, Sao Paulo from 17 to 20 September.

    They were accompanied by Andrés Rubio, director of ILT PLASMA TECHNOLOGIES SL .

    Around 50 companies related to the ferrous and non-ferrous materials foundry sector passed through the stand.

    Both, customers and new customers were interested not only in plasma technology as an innovative heating system, also in the latest innovations presented by INSERTEC Brazil regarding furnaces and refractories.

  • INSERTEC CHINA cumple 15 años 2004/2019

    Nuestra filial está de celebración.

  • SUMMER - Melting Tower

    Some of our customer in Casting Aluminium, taking advantage in summer holidays to setting up their Melting Towers.

    INSERTEC, Put at your disposal an engineering studies; Combination of Refractory castables and precast pieces to rehabilitate and optimize the performance of lining.

    SIFCA technology supposed an excepcional solution reinforcing more critical areas, combining mechanical and refractory properties.

    THERMBOND technology, optimizes and minimizes partial repairs thanks to its properties of chemical adhesion to old lining.

  • THANK YOU for visiting our stand at the GIFA 2019 show!

    We had a successful show and we could not make it with out you

  • Tilting Reverb Melter Aplication Report

    illet Casthouse Melting unit

    Aluminium Tilting Reverb Melter


     Furnace capacity....................................................12 Ton
    Material to process

    • - 70% Baled or loose clean Window frames & profiles,Occasionally painted or dirty scrap
    • - 30% Primary Ingot bundles
    Melting load ..................................................8.800 kg
    Melting rate ................................................... 6.000 kg/hr
    Bath dimensions ........................... 3.400W x 6.500L mm
    Regenerative Burners natural gas ................... 4.700 kW
    Total cycle time ................................................. 2h20min
    Number daily casting billets ....................... 10 cycles/day
    Logs Productivity (billets Ø7” & Ø9”) .............. 85 ton/day
    Yearly production 330 days/year ................ 28.000 ton/yr

    dedicated Charging Machine, for processing logs 85 ton/day.
    Melting Production rates.

  • INSERTEC, & RENAULT collaboration

    RENAULT – The RENAULT Group has officially started its new manufacturing Plant in Valladolid, devoted to the manufacturing of the last generation of 3 and 4 cylinders blocks.

    INSERTEC, among the collaboration framework reached with the RENAULT Group, which started in 2016 with the supply of several melting and heat treatment furnaces for the new Plant that RENAULT set in Curitiba, Brazil, has already supplied for the new Plant in Valladolid three Meltowers of aluminium and four T5 rotary hearth heat treatment furnaces, based on the latest generation design of our technological partners of Sanken Sangyo, from Japan.

    But the collaboration framework is not yet finished, as there are already additional expansion plans for the Valladolid Plant, as well as another greenfield Plant in Bursa, Turkey, and performance and capacity expansion plans in their traditional Plant of Cleon, France, where INSERTEC will supply additional melting and heat treatment furnaces.

    Oscar Iribarren.-28 de Febrero de 2019

  • PROJECTS, summer 2015

    During July and August 2015, INSERTEC has been undertaken more than 60 pojects of maintenance Refractory linings. The local market is still predominantly but we have had an increase of projects in the rest of Europe. To carry out these projects, e have counted with the support of a team of more than 50 people displaced in customer, INSERTEC staff and business partners.newsep2015

    They have been working in Automatic Pouring system,Melting towers, induction furnaces, Reverberatory furnaces, Channel furnaces, Cupola ..etc making all of these installation on date, according to the commitments entered with customers.

    By sectors, Iron and Aluminium casting have been the strongest; but we have also had the opportunity to work in other sectors with new developments.

    Another point to emphasize, within the development of these projects is the participation of our subsidiaries staff, Technical and Comercial in this case from Brazil (INSERTEC REFRACTARIOS DU BRASIL) and China (ZHENJIANG INSERTEC FOUNDRY) giving us the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in various maintenance projects of refractories in the projects mentioned.



    Aluminium MELTOWER Furnace

    Continuous Melting furnace 5000 kg/hr on tower mode, for alloyed aluminium in high-pressure diecasting process.

    MELTOWER designed and manufactured in modular way, charging hood, preheating and melting chambers, over a structural support frame. The height is adjusted to transfer molten metal to an existing holding furnace by the spout.

    The charging system is composed by a skip elevator and a storing system capable to weight and record the amount of INPUT material charged. This system is interlocked with the hood door of the tower.

    Refractory lining consists of a combination of precast shapes, monolithic castable, firebricks, and other materials. High strength and abrasion resistant material is applied in the impact areas of the tower.

    INSERTEC, general layout skip elevator imagen

    • Melting rate 5000 kg/hr (Tower mode).
    • Aluminium Alloy AlSi9Cu3 at 720ºC.
    • Tapping in continuous to existing holder of 15 ton.
    • Skip elevator with bins storage for charging ingot bundles, returns and rejected parts.
    • Weighing platform, for monitoring material charged.

    Natural gas burners (4+1 unit), total 4250 kW.

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