For a proper lining installation with bricks or castables, you must:

  • Have basic knowledge of the materials to be installed.
  • Dispose of Technical Data sheets & Safety and hygiene  Data Sheets of the products.
  • Consult suppliers recommendations for the use of materials.
  • Transmit information to installers.
  • Lead reports with the results of the furnace.



Analysis between the lining with bricks and castables:


  • Placement requires an expert hand.
  • There is a high length of Board between them. (the Board is the weak point of the lining and is located across the surface of the ladle).
  • Specific drying is not necessary.
  • Longer demolitions.


  • for the installation requires a mold and tooling (castable  mixer and vibrator)
  • Does not present any Board or weak area in the entire surface.
  • Better results than brick linings.
  • This lining is less sensitive to damage by slag.
  • Easier demolitions.


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