Second edition of Refractories Engineering course

Between the 11th and the 14th of March the 2nd edition of the Refractory Engineering Course organized by ANFRE (National Association of Refractory Manufacturers and Related Services) was celebrated in Seville. Our R&D Manager, Roberto Caballero, current President of ANFRE, opened the event with the opening lecture and the first chapter about refractory materials.


From RSI, attended two Sales Engineers, Eder Álvarez and Ricard Llobet, as well as a Technical Office Engineer, Óscar Berezo, all of them recently incorporated into the sector. All they evaluated the course in a very positive way, especially the visit to the facilities of Siderúrgica Sevillana.


On March 13th~16th, 2019, we organized a team include sales, TO, Purchase, Quality, Market departments to join the exhibition of 2019 Metal + Metallurgy China, Hope we can get more market and bring more improvement from this exhibition.


In addition, news from the organizer of the Metal China: start from 2020, there will no exhibition in Beijing in future, all the exhibition of Metal China will be hold in Shanghai.

INSERTEC, & RENAULT collaboration

RENAULT – The RENAULT Group has officially started its new manufacturing Plant in Valladolid, devoted to the manufacturing of the last generation of 3 and 4 cylinders blocks.


INSERTEC, among the collaboration framework reached with the RENAULT Group, which started in 2016 with the supply of several melting and heat treatment furnaces for the new Plant that RENAULT set in Curitiba, Brazil, has already supplied for the new Plant in Valladolid three Meltowers of aluminium and four T5 rotary hearth heat treatment furnaces, based on the latest generation design of our technological partners of Sanken Sangyo, from Japan.


But the collaboration framework is not yet finished, as there are already additional expansion plans for the Valladolid Plant, as well as another greenfield Plant in Bursa, Turkey, and performance and capacity expansion plans in their traditional Plant of Cleon, France, where INSERTEC will supply additional melting and heat treatment furnaces.


Oscar Iribarren.-28 de Febrero de 2019


For a proper lining installation with bricks or castables, you must:

  • Have basic knowledge of the materials to be installed.
  • Dispose of Technical Data sheets & Safety and hygiene  Data Sheets of the products.
  • Consult suppliers recommendations for the use of materials.
  • Transmit information to installers.
  • Lead reports with the results of the furnace.



Analysis between the lining with bricks and castables:


  • Placement requires an expert hand.
  • There is a high length of Board between them. (the Board is the weak point of the lining and is located across the surface of the ladle).
  • Specific drying is not necessary.
  • Longer demolitions.


  • for the installation requires a mold and tooling (castable  mixer and vibrator)
  • Does not present any Board or weak area in the entire surface.
  • Better results than brick linings.
  • This lining is less sensitive to damage by slag.
  • Easier demolitions.



We have been doing business with ELEKM during decades, They visit our plant in bilbao where they can see our production plants and take part in a diferents presentation of our products.elkem foto

In the afternoon the group also visited AZTERLAN METALLURGY TECHNOLOGY CENTER.





Chinese government is pushing all industrial sectors to decrease drastically pollution levels. Actions, from dust filters and on-line controls to activity shut-down, have been stressing all industrial sectors, including refractory industrial mineral producers.

From EU refractory industry point of view, there are two minerals strongly affected due to the European dependency in Chinese import. Those minerals, classified as ‘non critical’ but achieving criticism in terms of risk of supply, are bauxite and magnesite.oxido-de-aluminio-marron-alumina-bulto-por-25-kilos

In a first step, refractory magnesites, like DBM and FM, as well as refractory grade bauxite and BFA are directly affected by Chinese lack of production with shortage and exorbitant prices. In a second step, the price of alumina-based specialties like tabular or calcined alumina or refractory cement, will suffer a significant increasing, opening a period of uncertainty.



ILT-PLASMA ,  will delve into the key parameters for a correct application of high power thermal plasma in nodular iron casting, achieving optimal thermal values without any degradation of the metallurgical quality of the metal.TUNDISH

It will both based their explanations on trials carried out by laboratories of recognised prestige in the industrial experience of companies in the sector.

01-06-17 mercado aisatico apuesta ILT


We have the pleasure to inform you that REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS INSERTEC has renewed the certification of management systems: quality management system, according to the new standard ISO 9001: 2015 and system of health and occupational safety, OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard, both granted by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance accredited certification body.ISO_Página_1

The maturity of our management system encouraged us to implement the requirements of the new version of ISO 9001: 2015, ahead of the deadline.

The obtained certifications confirm the good performance of REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS INSERTEC and recognized the maturity and effectiveness of its management system, at the same time that ratifies its commitment to continuous improvement according to the demands of the market and stakeholders.

Through these certifications is internationally recognized the effort and dedication of the staff of REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS INSERTEC for offering effective solutions to the needs of their customers.


3rd to 5th February 2017 in conjunction with: 65th Indian Foundry Congress, IIF (Institute of Indian Foundrymen)

The event was held at the Eco Park, Kolkata where there was high investments being made to change the traditional image of India and portray a new ecological image with many green areas, lakes and social family gathering zones. The IFEX had in excess of 150 exhibitors across 2 halls and the IIF Congress present 44 technical papers.IFEX 2017

Although Kolkata as an event venue for the IFEX historically has not been considered the best due to its westerly position, it was decided by Insertec Refractory Solutions that a suitable opportunity to join with Nickunj Eximp Entp Pvt Ltd existed to promote their new relations to the market and so a booth was taken. Insertec Refractory Solutions had an attendance by Mr.  Andrew Fowler and for Nickunj Mr. Manohar Pai, Sameer Parekh. K. P. Chandrabose. The decision was a good one since all of our main competition were present (booth and visitors) as well as key OEM’s and they all took the time to investigate Insertec’s presence and focus into the Indian market.

The booth yielded over 60 recorded visit and potential enquiries most of which requested follow-up visits to their sites for further discussions.

India is a key foundry centre for Insertec Refractory Solutions and is considered the second largest metal producing market Globally and although entering later than most some great opportunities exists and

Insertec are now looking forward to the coming year’s developments.



The origin of world “Aliron”

Alirón word, term used after attaining a degree by Athletic, originated in the industrial and mining past of Bizkaia.


In the late nineteenth century is discovered in bilbao, close to the estuary, iron mines with an extraordinary purity of ore.Engineers and managers were essentially British. Then he piecework and payment is made according to the productivity of mine workers. So the salary was proportional to the degree of purity of the mineral extrated. The maximum quality corresponded to all iron (especially iron). that label became “ALIRON”. This originated among miners signs of joy as they were rewarded with extra pay. Then he was associated with football sport, the British engineers had brought to Bilbao.


IMG-20161201-WA0005IMG-20161201-WA0006Fantastic ALUMINIUM 2016 exhibition.

More than 1000 exhibitors from 50 countries and an estimation of 30,000 visitors, a success for the Organization and the Exhibitors.

For INSERTEC, the exhibition has been very positive with many visits, and new contacts and we are grateful to all of them the visit in hopes that we have been able to meet your expectations.



_JMA3024The metallurgy of iron ever needs faster melting processes. This fact make furnaces with high current density near the periphery of the lining ; for this reason the temperature in this area suffering the effects of overheating and logical sudden cooling of fusion process.

foto horno induccion

When lining has a good resistance to thermal shock will cause cracks, if dosent close, they are  the way of metal infiltration. These metal penetrations can compromise the final performance of all lining.

INSERTEC, have developed a complete range of CUARSIL IS6 PAN, with some improved performance thermomechanical that means, better resistance of the lining to the formation of cracks.

These properties have been got with a very studied particle size of the product and the mix of different qualities of quartzite for get  the optimum mineralogy  of the product.

This new development enables the lining of induction furnace to behave better against sudden changes in temperature, higher demands power from fusion of the furnace and, ultimately, getting to increase the service life of the refractory lining.




With the great efforts done by the internal  teams.Metal China-2016-Juan with Korean distributer

INSERTEC succeded in the METAL-METALLURGY CHINA in May 2016.

This Exhibition is the most important one in Asia, not only for China domestic, but also for other Asian countries. Majority members of the sales and technicians from ZIFS attended the exhibitions.Metal China-2016-1

They met potencial customers and searched for new suppliers there.

Thanks to their contribution, more and more visitors became our friends.  Hope the exhibition can help INSERTEC in better market promotion.


Some of the early designs used completely aluminium structure was built by a Norway company called BJERRING. They only manufactured 4 prototypes until the Lord  Raufoss take the control of the company and tried to transfer the advances developed in the space technology of aluminium frame design in cars and buses.

This project could not be held due to lack of resources and technolcoche alogy ( we are talking of 1930s). The first car manufactured using abodywork and structure entirely of aluminium was the PANHARD DYNA, a prototype made in France in 1954. This vehicle was powered by a two stroke engine, weiged only 629 kgr. and could carry 6 people.

PROJECTS, summer 2015

During July and August 2015, INSERTEC has been undertaken more than 60 pojects of maintenance Refractory linings. The local market is still predominantly but we have had an increase of projects in the rest of Europe. To carry out these projects, e have counted with the support of a team of more than 50 people displaced in customer, INSERTEC staff and business partners.newsep2015

They have been working in Automatic Pouring system,Melting towers, induction furnaces, Reverberatory furnaces, Channel furnaces, Cupola ..etc making all of these installation on date, according to the commitments entered with customers.

By sectors, Iron and Aluminium casting have been the strongest; but we have also had the opportunity to work in other sectors with new developments.

Another point to emphasize, within the development of these projects is the participation of our subsidiaries staff, Technical and Comercial in this case from Brazil (INSERTEC REFRACTARIOS DU BRASIL) and China (ZHENJIANG INSERTEC FOUNDRY) giving us the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in various maintenance projects of refractories in the projects mentioned.