Due to the considerable savings produced during recycling and to the simplicity of the process, the aluminum started to be recycled a long time ago, and today is a widespread activity, technically solved and profitable, In fact, more than the 75% of the last 100 years produced aluminum is today in use because of the recycling.

Over the past 20 years , Insertec has developed a range of specific products for the aluminum recycling sector, in which we can remark tilting rotary furnaces.

Looking at this type of equipment, the refractory lining is one of the critical points , and where our refractory division provides differentiated and innovative engineering refractory solutions.

The success key in the performance of these solutions is given by the combination of 3 factors:

Design and selection of the more appropiate materials. (zones)

Best Lining design (anchoring way, insulation, thickness and geometry)

Correct installation.rotativos

REFRACTORY ENGINEERING purpose is to get together those 3 factor and INSERTEC, Ingeniería y Servicios Técnicos is able to reach the target giving solutions such as:


  • The use of REFRACTORY PRECAST SHAPES à remove the main disadvantages of the use of bricks and monolithic mases, providing all the advantages of each one of them:
    • Manufacturing according to a quality system: (moulds design and manufacturing, mixing, vibration, demoulding, drying and fyring) = Homogeneity in the technical characteristics in all the shape geometry.
    • Specifically designed (materials y geometry) = best behaviour taking into account the requirements of each zone of the installation.
    • The customer receives the shapes just ready for their installation and put in operation. They could be installed by mechanical team with some drawings and assemblying instructions.
    • Installation days and scheduled stops are considerably descreased.
    • There can be spares in the customer or in the manufacturer warehouse, so in case of non scheduled stop of the plant, replacement of the shape and repairing works are reduced at minimum.
    • The characteristics of the shapes are homogeneus and materials and designs the best in each application = increases in the life of the refractory components à less repairing costs (refractory and metallic elements that are protected by the refractory), and less operations inside the furnace.
    • Less operations inside the installation à less exposure of the workers to more occupational hazard (demolitión, equipments and tooling handling in reduced spaces, activities in reduced accesses zones,etc) = Improvement in SAFETY and Health conditions.
    • The possibility of accidents and incidents  decrease due to the minimizing of the number of repairing operations..
    • The increase in the life of the refractory components involve an enviromental and economical improvement due to the less waste creation and its latest management.

rotativo medioambiente

The following picture symolizes all the advantages (technical, economical, safety and enviromental) that are involved in the use of REFRACTORY PRECAST SHAPES.

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Pagina_Pricipal_Refractarios_ACERODuring the process of  furnaces loading, the linning in the crown area supports strong blows;  in manual or mechanical loading.

This problem is the cause of the development of this new range of products; whose main characteristics is the high mechanical resistance. Also presented during the fusion process, an excellent performance to the thermal shock, avoiding cracks in this upper part of the furnace.

Product range is a follows:

Casting Steel & Aluminium:



For the CAP furnaces melting Iron:



Ferrochrome price is expected to go up in US, China, India, Europe and Japan, do to the tight supply. Is an essential alloy in the production of stainless steel. US, China, European Union and Japan has no chrome ore production or significant reserves.

China overtook South Africa to become the largest producer of Ferrochrome worldwide. The demand for chromium metal is expected to rise by more than 10% in 2015 do to growing demand in stainless steel industry.Resultado de imagen de ferrocromo

Nearly all of the Ferrochrome produced in China relies on imported chrome. From 2004 to 2015, China´s production of high carbon Ferrochrome increased by nearly 10 times, this production till cannot meet domestic demand. China consumed 5.7 million tonnes of Ferrochrome in 2014 and is estimated near 6 million tones in 2015.

Chrome ore has no substitute. Add it to carbon steel in the form of Ferrochrome and the steel becomes stainless steel corrosion resistant, mechanically strong, heat resistant, hard wearing, shiny and glamorous.

Stainless steel is used everywhere in modern life from nuclear reactors, pipes, medical equipments, railroad, airplane and thousands other applications.




CUCHARASSelf-flowing refractory castables have been used in refractory market for more than 20 years. Their capability to reach maximum density without vibration have covered some appliications in which classic consolidation techniques has not easy implementation. Extension of self-flow as general castable configuration have been limited by necessary extra addition of finer raw materials which makes self-flow matrixes more reactive than vibrate equivalents.

Recently, RSI have developed a new concept of self-flowing castables with same matrix structure of vibrate materials. Their pure self-compacting behavior links maximum PRESS3performance with the most friendly installation. This new family has been named BERELOC and covers form standard high alumina compositions like BERELOC-82 especially developed for CIF coil protection ,BERELOC 60 Z; excellent resistance to chemical attacl by acid slag, for Pressurized Pouring Furnaces and transport ladles in Iron foundries.


For six months, two students in their final year Bachelor´s Degree in Chemical imagesEngineering from the UPV, developed two projects in the INSERTEC´s R&D Department, with  two products  for FERROUS and ALUMINUM foundry applications:

  1. A refractory castable with high performance and ultra-fast drying capability.
  2. A metal-ceramic composite for refractory precast-shapes manufacturing.

Enhanced products have achieved the objectives mainly thanks to students work, led by INSERTEC´s Head of laboratory (José Ramón Echabe).Products performance have been tested in real applications.ccooThe success of the initiative has strengthened between  INSERTEC & UPV, we hope that next colaboration will be as successeful as the first one.

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