WIRE 2018

Históricamente es una feria a la que acudimos con INSERTEC REFRATARIOS DU BRASIL, y la explicación es que muchos de nuestros clientes brasileños de origen alemán aprovechan esta feria para visitar proveedores y a su vez a sus familiares.


Está siendo una feria muy concurrida, para INSERTEC,  uno de los principales sectores son los hornos de recocido de hilo y el tratamiento de tornillos



Historically,  INSERTEC goes to this Exhibition with INSERTEC REFRATARIOS DO BRASIL, and the explanation it is because many of our Brazilian customers are of german origin, and they take advantage  of this fair to visit SUPPLIERS and in turn to their families.

It is still a fair very important for INSERTEC, one of the main sectors are wire annealing furnaces and treatment of screws.



South African Metal casting conference  15th to 19th March 2017 in conjunction with :

SAIF (South African Institute of Foundrymen), WFO (World Foundry Organisation), MCTC (Materials Castings Technology Centre), NFTN (National Foundry Technology Network), AFSA (Aluminium Federation South Africa).web_logo

The conference was well organised in a hotel complex close to Johannesburg Airport, and it was estimated that more than 200 visitors attended the event.

As with similar conferences there was a small gathering area where informal and networking meetings could be held between conference papers. This area also included several booths by foundry service and supply companies from around the globe.

Insertec Refractory Solutions had an attendance by Mr. Victor Mendoza, Andrew Fowler and Mark Preece to evaluate the market conditions, potential future development strategies and several key contacts were made in connection with this during the event as well as information gathering from select conference papers.

It was evident that the South African Foundry market was looking forward to expansion with Government backed policies for investment and localisation meaning a determined effort for existing and investing companies to source all of their needs within South Africa as opposed to imports. This being said  the market has some real potential for Insertec Refractory Solutions as an importer and following this initial visit work is on-going to establish a working structure to exploit these potentials and develop a local service supply route.


 INSERTEC was in the fair together with our distributor ISTANBUL METALURJI. This year the fair was with uncertainties after the political situation that has recently had Turkey.

Participation was lower but in spite of this, the fair served as a meeting place for smelters and suppliers of cast iron. The foreign presence also decreased comparatively with other editions.ANKIROS

AKDAS again presents itself as largest cast steel in Medium East, being capable of producing unique pieces of more than 150 t.


INSERTEC R&D has attended the 59th INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM ON REFRACTORIES which took place in Aachen, Germany, last 28th and 29th of September. This event is a meeting of the main suppliers of raw materials and equipment. At same time, most relevant researchers from European countries present last scientific advances on refractories technology.


This time a significant group of non-EU technicians has been present in added to a group of more than 200 participants. Main research lines were steelmaking, foundry, non-ferrous metallurgy and refractory castables, the latter with many followers.

Education on refractories a topic supported by the German industry has appeared as a relevant one.


Link: http://ecref.eu/index.php?id=kolloquium&L=1




Congratulations to the successful ALUMINIUM CHINA EXHIBITION, which held in Jul 12th – 14th in shanghai.aluminiumchina 2016

ALUMINIUM CHINA is a quite important promotion event which ZHENGJIANG INSERTEC FOUNDRY takes part every year,  and certanly it is also a big and wide-influenced exhibition of the non-ferrous industry.aluminium china 2016

During the three days, everyone plays and indispensablee role.

There is no doubt that the success of the exhibition can not take away from the efforts made by whole team!! hope that brings more huge benefits for ZHENJIANG INSERTEC FOUNDRY SUPPLIES- ZIFS.

BIEMH 2016, In Bilbao

INSERTEC, has been present in the recent edition of 29th BIEMH 2016, held in Bilbao, making promotion of our range of installation for Heat Treatment for diferents sectors as: aeronautical,metallurgical…2016 BEC - INSERTEC 07

The feeling (Particular & general) received from the rest of exhibitors, have been very positive and interesting; from business standpoint, overcome the last economical situation in thee last two editions.

Summary, has met the objectives set before their participation in the event.

See you at the next edition May 2018…..




METAFO fair is the largest fair of IRAN. This has been the twelfth edition. In 2014 doubled participation and designated space for the this Fair. FUNDIGEX has participated, on behalf of the ICEX in a grouped stand with Basque companies.INSERTEC, had its own stand.metafo2015stand

Since 15 years ago in Iran, The foundry has been growing, espacially the sector of steel and aluminium parts:

The production of casting can be decomposed into:

  • 70% Iron Casting
  • 8% steel parts.
  • 10% aluminium
  • 12% are castings of other non-ferrous materials.

70% of Iron castings goes to the automotive sector, which is growing in Iran and moves a significant volume of business.




INSERTEC returns this year to the 23rd International Recycled Aluminum Conference, managed by Metal Bulletin Events. The conference took place in Madrid (Hotel Meliá) from16th of November to 18th .


Victor, Enrique, Alfonso and Oscar along the stand

The main value of the congress has been once more the networking possibilities.

INSERTEC METAL BULLETIN patrocinador bronce

Insertec participates as a Bronce Sponsor

The evaluation this year has been very positive, because of the number and quality of the contacts that we have done.

The main sponsor of the event has been Hydro.

Other participant firms include Hencon (NL), Redwave (AT), SciAps, Inc. (USA), Thermo Scientific (USA) and Tomra Sorting Recycling (NO).


INSERTEC, in the XIV Congress of according (National Congress of heat treatments and surface), held on the premises of the AIMEN technological Center in O Porriño (Pontevedra) during the days from September 30 to October 1st.

The main objective of our presence, is primarily the promotion of the equipment of the Division of industrial furnaces, mainly for the Sector of the thermal treatment, exposing various roll-upp´s in order to get the public installations supplied by INSERTEC for heat treatment in sectors such as the metallurgical, aeronautical, wind, energy, & automotive.


AIMEN President with Jorge almeida in TRATERMAT 2015

FENAF 2015


FENAF 2015 is a Conference and exhibition for the foundry industry. It is a bianual  fair. The seventh time that INSERTEC exhibited at this fair (since 2003); but is our  first time like INSERTEC REFRACTORY DO Brazil LTDA.FENAF 2015

The market situation is of general uncertainty. All are waiting for a recovery, but few companies dare to make new investments. There is not a clear tendency in  2015, even though we are forecast to close some projects before year’s end.



Two members of INSERTEC R&D Team will attend the most important worldwide Congres on refractories,  UNITECR  (TEchnical Conference on Refractories).Event board is composed by main refractories associations, GRA (Germany), TARJ (japón), ACERS (US & Canadá), ALAFAR (Latin-América), and recently CCS  from (China), PRE  from (UE) and IRMA from (India).

Its celebration every two years takes place in America, Europa and Asia, alternatively. After last congress in Victoria, Canada in 2013, Vienna has been selected as place for current event.


From 15th to 18th of September.


IMEDAL 2015 July 21th to 24th.

INSERTEC, Were with small stand.

Our colleague Enrique Uriarte gave two conference:

  • ALTERNATIVE OF FUSION IN THE SMELTING OF ALUMINIUM. Advantages and limitations of different technologies and trends in the market of aluminium casting.
  • DECOATING PROCESS FOR CANS, PROFILES & ALUMINIUM SCRAP. HIgh efficiency in the decoating process and its optimization for the recycling of scrap aluminium.imedal2015


TEDFUN-Granada 5th of JUne 2015.

By INSERTEC; Enrique Uriarte & Victor Mendoza.Logo_Tedfun

28 partners founders, attended by 14 companies.

16 employees, attended by 9 companies.

President, Aser Etxebarria (FAGOR) and Marcial alzaga (TEDFUN), made presentation overview about the market and situation of casting in Spain; after this our colleague Victor Mendoza gave a conference about New technology for the linning of holder & dosing furnaces.

General comments about market situation:

Among the partners founders,  the forecast is to get an increase of +10.2% (Total 104.955 tons) production in 2015.






Prev. 2015

Ton sell




95.277 (+5,4%)

104.955 (+10,2%)

Ton Expor




71.652 (+2,6%)

 Total Billing

482 M€

481 M€

470 M€

482 (+2,5%)

538 M€ (+11,7%

Main Export countries in 2014:

  • France……………….31,77%        23.388 ton
  • Germany…………….22,72%       16.721 ton
  • UK …………………….11,50%          8.467 ton
  • Eslovaquia,Portugal,Hungria,Polonia..

Main markets for sectors 2014

  • Automotive……….. 94,46%          92.642 ton
  • Lighting ……………. 1,94%              1.902 ton
  • Appliances………..  0,76%                 654 ton
  • Others, furniture, equipment, electronics, machine tool….

The share of staff is stable during 2014-2015

ECERS 2015


The 14th international conference organized by the European Ceramic Society, ECERS 2015, ECERS 2015, took place in Toledo (Spain), last week.

The even was divided in eight different topics covering all the specialties involving traditional and technical ceramics.  In spite of the weight of refractory business inside ceramic industry, refractory topic was attended for many people.ecers roberto

INSERTEC , was invited to present a “Keynote” so our R&D Manager, Roberto Caballero, presented a review about refractory solutions for aluminium confinement, very welcome by the audience. Regarding the whole event, more than 800 scientists, technicians and professionals met in Toledo.



Firstly please allow us to express gratitude of the continued support from your side. We have the honor to inform you that INSERTEC is going to take part in the exhibitions as listed below:

  • METAL + METALLURGY CHINA2015 – NECC (Shangai) Mar. 31 – Apr.3 (Hall: 1 International zone – Stand:1M40)
  • ALUMINIUM CHINA 2015 – Shangai New Intl´l Expo Centre Jul.8 – 10 (Hall: N1 – Stand: 1L30)

exhibition invitation



ZHENJIANG INSERTEC took part in the main metallurgy exhibition organized in P.R. china- METAL CHINA 2015, from 31st March to 3rd of April.

Different factors has affected that the exhibition was poor from the point of view of visitors/contacts, specially from overseas:

– Move location from Beijing to Shangai.metal china 2015

– New Venue still under construction.

– Year of GIFA.

ZIFS conclusion has been – good enough to be thinking on the Chinese ferrous Market; then we will take part again in Beijing 2016



7th Edition of METALMADRID., It was 29th and 30th of  October.Foto Standmetal madrid (2 de 2)

300 companies were present with the 220 stand, occupied more than 8000 m2.

52% more participation than  in the last edition.

Mention the celebration of 3 technical conferences: COMPOSITE, MOLD & TRATER.Conferencia TraterDay (1 de 2)

Our colleague Jorge Almeida participated in trater, about heat treatment.


From 11 to 13th of september was celebrated in ISTAMBUL.


In which INSERTEC participated with one stand in Hall 2.

On this occasion 3 fairs ANKIROS (Iron-Steel), ANNOFER (non-ferrous) and TURKAST (fair), have joined the 3 environments to the foundry. A “GIFA” in small.

The International Congress on the Foundry is celebrated in parallel.

Exposed: smelters & steel mills, manufacturers of machinery, equipment and supplies for foundries, suppliers of materials raw, mainly traders etc. Turkish and foreign companies.

By INSERTEC assist:

-Carlos de la Verdura,

-Gorka Fernández and Vincent Brauns and our distributor: Istambul Metallurgi.



ZENJIANG Insertec, took part one year more in ALUMINIUM CHINA Exhibition in Shanghai from 9th to 11th of July.aluminium-china-2014 ALUMINIUM CHINA

During those three days, some of the main Chinese customers visited the booth as well as other important international companies.

Due to the success with the received, Zhenjiang INSERTEC has already booked the space for the new edition in 2015.