IDEX Our green furnace

IDEX® System

The IDEX® is designed to give maximum flexibility together with minimum fuel consumption and emissions. It is an indirectly fired rotary kiln for thermal delacquering / drying that removes volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as water coolants, paints, oils, … from the surface of crushed aluminium materials.1-sistema-idex-reciclado-aluminio-e6d04a0210

The system is completed with a postcombustion chamber for the incineration of the hazardous gases generated during the drying/decoating process.

Hot exhausted gases are recirculated to the rotary kiln to eliminate the VOC, without any additional energy supply and so reducing the overall thermal consumption to the minimum.

Final exhausted gases to the atmosphere are innert and comply with the most strict EU enviromental regulations.

ECO-Kiln® System

It is compact system where the postcombustion and drying chamber are in the same rotary kiln.

Benefits of Drying/Decoating

Economical arguments

  • Increase metal yield during melting.
  • Safer melting process, no water.
  • Low Salt / flux usage on melting.
  • Increase melting rate.
  • Increase of scrap value.
  • Firing VOC pollutants reduce overall fuel consumption.

Enviromental arguments

  • Reduce emissions, waste gas controls.
  • Pollution control.
  • Reduce landfil disposal.

BIEMH 2016, In Bilbao

INSERTEC, has been present in the recent edition of 29th BIEMH 2016, held in Bilbao, making promotion of our range of installation for Heat Treatment for diferents sectors as: aeronautical,metallurgical…2016 BEC - INSERTEC 07

The feeling (Particular & general) received from the rest of exhibitors, have been very positive and interesting; from business standpoint, overcome the last economical situation in thee last two editions.

Summary, has met the objectives set before their participation in the event.

See you at the next edition May 2018…..



MAXION , Brasil


This week INSERTEC, has participated in the opening of the new plant of MAXION Brazil.

MAXION is a Brazilian capital group manufacturer of wheels steel and aluminium; this company  bought all the plants in the world of a traditional wheel manufacturer ” hayes lemmerz aluminium”; with this expansion they become a global capacity of 60,000,000 wheels/year being 12,000,000 aluminium wheels ,now they are the largest manufacturer of the world.

INSERTEC, has supplied the first Melting Tower MT-3-4000 and it is manufacturing a recycling furnace for scrap of 1500 kg/h, for delivary in October.


With the great efforts done by the internal  teams.Metal China-2016-Juan with Korean distributer

INSERTEC succeded in the METAL-METALLURGY CHINA in May 2016.

This Exhibition is the most important one in Asia, not only for China domestic, but also for other Asian countries. Majority members of the sales and technicians from ZIFS attended the exhibitions.Metal China-2016-1

They met potencial customers and searched for new suppliers there.

Thanks to their contribution, more and more visitors became our friends.  Hope the exhibition can help INSERTEC in better market promotion.