CUCHARASSelf-flowing refractory castables have been used in refractory market for more than 20 years. Their capability to reach maximum density without vibration have covered some appliications in which classic consolidation techniques has not easy implementation. Extension of self-flow as general castable configuration have been limited by necessary extra addition of finer raw materials which makes self-flow matrixes more reactive than vibrate equivalents.

Recently, RSI have developed a new concept of self-flowing castables with same matrix structure of vibrate materials. Their pure self-compacting behavior links maximum PRESS3performance with the most friendly installation. This new family has been named BERELOC and covers form standard high alumina compositions like BERELOC-82 especially developed for CIF coil protection ,BERELOC 60 Z; excellent resistance to chemical attacl by acid slag, for Pressurized Pouring Furnaces and transport ladles in Iron foundries.