WHY do we use the Quartzite as a Refractory material?

Silicon oxide is the natural oxide most abundant in the Earth crust. It is high melting point, 1763ºC for pure oxide, and it is softening point closed to melting temperature, allow it is application as high performance refractory material. For this combination of low cost and high refractoriness, quartzite based refractories were widely applied for many years during the 60´s and 70´s of last century.CUARCITA

Steelmaking refining and allotropic tensions during heating hysteresis limited its application to some specialrefractory solutions.  Today, only coke batteries as quartzite fired bricks and iron and steel foundry with coreless induction furnaces as dry mixes, have survived.  Some other special applications like acid resistant castables are partially based in natural quartzites.mina sostenible 2

The best refractory solution is defined by the most cost effective selection of refractory recipe without transformation so if comply technical requirements, cost effectiveeness will be achieved.

INSERTEC, Reorganizes the industrial activity.

We are pleased to confirm that INGENIERIA Y SERVICIOS TECNICOS,S.A. “INSERTEC”, has proceeded to a reorganization of the activities: Furnaces & Refractory Production; forming two new companies:Logo IST - Es




It responds practically to our natural activities division. We are convinced that the new created structures shall provide a better results maintaining all of our services.

This new reorganzation will be operative since the first of July.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.





ZENJIANG Insertec, took part one year more in ALUMINIUM CHINA Exhibition in Shanghai from 9th to 11th of July.aluminium-china-2014 ALUMINIUM CHINA

During those three days, some of the main Chinese customers visited the booth as well as other important international companies.

Due to the success with the received, Zhenjiang INSERTEC has already booked the space for the new edition in 2015.


The international trade fair of Metallurgy, machinery of latest technology and products; it is one of the most important fairs in the sector.

We were represent through our colleague Roberto Martin in the Expocentre in Moscow, with the following events:litmash2014




This fair is the most important in this sector of Russia.

Our distribuitor Polyteg always reserve a preferencial space from our products, helping us to grow in this market.