Do you know that a can has one of the most fast recycling processes? 90 days are estimated from when you consumed to get back on the supermarket.

Aluminum is one of the most valuable waste household garbage. The average price in 2010 for recovered aluminum was 350 euros per ton, if we compared with the prices of steel in the same age (86 euros/per tone) is more than a double price.


There are materials with higher value like copper, platinum or Gold but they have a minor amount .

According to the European Aluminium Association (EAA), the electrolysis system requires on average about 15.7 kWh to produce one kilo of this material. This is a lot of energy. However, it may obtain aluminum ingots which otherwise uses only about 5% of the energy. This is using another material which is not alumina from bauxite, aluminum residues but which is again melted, ie RECYCLING. This is a key issue, since this metal can be recycled again and again indefinitely.

If we add the fact that we reduce the need for bauxite, aluminum scrap recycling helps prevent toxic mining waste.

That’s why the increased use of recycled aluminum in various applications give GREEN METAL recognition.



For six months, two students in their final year Bachelor´s Degree in Chemical imagesEngineering from the UPV, developed two projects in the INSERTEC´s R&D Department, with  two products  for FERROUS and ALUMINUM foundry applications:

  1. A refractory castable with high performance and ultra-fast drying capability.
  2. A metal-ceramic composite for refractory precast-shapes manufacturing.

Enhanced products have achieved the objectives mainly thanks to students work, led by INSERTEC´s Head of laboratory (José Ramón Echabe).Products performance have been tested in real applications.ccooThe success of the initiative has strengthened between  INSERTEC & UPV, we hope that next colaboration will be as successeful as the first one.

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