PROJECTS, summer 2015


During July and August 2015, INSERTEC has been undertaken more than 60 pojects of maintenance Refractory linings. The local market is still predominantly but we have had an increase of projects in the rest of Europe. To carry out these projects, e have counted with the support of a team of more than 50 people displaced in customer, INSERTEC staff and business partners.newsep2015

They have been working in Automatic Pouring system,Melting towers, induction furnaces, Reverberatory furnaces, Channel furnaces, Cupola ..etc making all of these installation on date, according to the commitments entered with customers.

By sectors, Iron and Aluminium casting have been the strongest; but we have also had the opportunity to work in other sectors with new developments.

Another point to emphasize, within the development of these projects is the participation of our subsidiaries staff, Technical and Comercial in this case from Brazil (INSERTEC REFRACTARIOS DU BRASIL) and China (ZHENJIANG INSERTEC FOUNDRY) giving us the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in various maintenance projects of refractories in the projects mentioned.




Congratulations to the successful ALUMINIUM CHINA EXHIBITION, which held in Jul 12th – 14th in shanghai.aluminiumchina 2016

ALUMINIUM CHINA is a quite important promotion event which ZHENGJIANG INSERTEC FOUNDRY takes part every year,  and certanly it is also a big and wide-influenced exhibition of the non-ferrous industry.aluminium china 2016

During the three days, everyone plays and indispensablee role.

There is no doubt that the success of the exhibition can not take away from the efforts made by whole team!! hope that brings more huge benefits for ZHENJIANG INSERTEC FOUNDRY SUPPLIES- ZIFS.

FENAF 2015


FENAF 2015 is a Conference and exhibition for the foundry industry. It is a bianual  fair. The seventh time that INSERTEC exhibited at this fair (since 2003); but is our  first time like INSERTEC REFRACTORY DO Brazil LTDA.FENAF 2015

The market situation is of general uncertainty. All are waiting for a recovery, but few companies dare to make new investments. There is not a clear tendency in  2015, even though we are forecast to close some projects before year’s end.



Itacolumitas are special sandstones which reach this unexpected flexibility due to special interlocking of its grains, coming from its geological growth. Name comes from the Brazilian country of Itacolumia, Minas Gerais, where it was firstly identified.  This strange elastic behavior developed by nature, has been focused by scientists of different areas due to, for example, potential application of itacolumite inspired microstructures, to develop flexible concretes capable to resist, in terms of its own flexibility, vibration coming from earthquakes.



Two members of INSERTEC R&D Team will attend the most important worldwide Congres on refractories,  UNITECR  (TEchnical Conference on Refractories).Event board is composed by main refractories associations, GRA (Germany), TARJ (japón), ACERS (US & Canadá), ALAFAR (Latin-América), and recently CCS  from (China), PRE  from (UE) and IRMA from (India).

Its celebration every two years takes place in America, Europa and Asia, alternatively. After last congress in Victoria, Canada in 2013, Vienna has been selected as place for current event.


From 15th to 18th of September.

ECERS 2015


The 14th international conference organized by the European Ceramic Society, ECERS 2015, ECERS 2015, took place in Toledo (Spain), last week.

The even was divided in eight different topics covering all the specialties involving traditional and technical ceramics.  In spite of the weight of refractory business inside ceramic industry, refractory topic was attended for many people.ecers roberto

INSERTEC , was invited to present a “Keynote” so our R&D Manager, Roberto Caballero, presented a review about refractory solutions for aluminium confinement, very welcome by the audience. Regarding the whole event, more than 800 scientists, technicians and professionals met in Toledo.



Pagina_Pricipal_Refractarios_ACERODuring the process of  furnaces loading, the linning in the crown area supports strong blows;  in manual or mechanical loading.

This problem is the cause of the development of this new range of products; whose main characteristics is the high mechanical resistance. Also presented during the fusion process, an excellent performance to the thermal shock, avoiding cracks in this upper part of the furnace.

Product range is a follows:

Casting Steel & Aluminium:



For the CAP furnaces melting Iron:




ESTADOSEquipo Plasma 3D Without going any further, the Sun is, in itself, a gigantic plasma, full of atoms of Hydrogen and Helium that have lost totally or partially their electrons as a result of the extremely High temperaturas generated inside (they estimate that the temperatura of the Sun is approximately 6000ºC in surface and some 15 million degrees centrigados in  its interior.

However,To get a Plasma, it is not necessary to apply such high temperatures,  in fact with a candle and a match we have enough; the orange-coloured Corona that we sometimes  see in the flame of the candle is the result of dissociation and ionization of the air molecules and plasma in low density and temperatura.

Finally, If we look arround, it is posible to find more tan one element formed of plasma. Also we can find plasma generated naturally as lightning in a storm, or the sun, man has created artificial plasma with different purposes: in  medicine, industrial aplications such welding, plasma cutting…etc. Even, most of us have at home fluorescent lamps or televisions based on plasma thechnology.

One of plasma application that interest us, consists of casting units heating based on the technology of high power HPTP, thermal plasma consits in taking advantage of the heat of a plasma arc,  and it is  a consequence of the ionization of plasmagen gas between a graphite (the cathode) electrode and the metal, which is electrically connected to another electrode (called anode).  The electric current flows throught the gas ionizing it, being abble to reach temperaturas up of 10.000ºC in the core of arc.

The generation of plasma is obtained by generating potencial difference between the two electrodes, so that it produces a reaction chain that ionize the plasmagen gas giving rise to plasma arc.




Firstly please allow us to express gratitude of the continued support from your side. We have the honor to inform you that INSERTEC is going to take part in the exhibitions as listed below:

  • METAL + METALLURGY CHINA2015 – NECC (Shangai) Mar. 31 – Apr.3 (Hall: 1 International zone – Stand:1M40)
  • ALUMINIUM CHINA 2015 – Shangai New Intl´l Expo Centre Jul.8 – 10 (Hall: N1 – Stand: 1L30)

exhibition invitation



ZHENJIANG INSERTEC took part in the main metallurgy exhibition organized in P.R. china- METAL CHINA 2015, from 31st March to 3rd of April.

Different factors has affected that the exhibition was poor from the point of view of visitors/contacts, specially from overseas:

– Move location from Beijing to Shangai.metal china 2015

– New Venue still under construction.

– Year of GIFA.

ZIFS conclusion has been – good enough to be thinking on the Chinese ferrous Market; then we will take part again in Beijing 2016



According to IMF, the growth forecast for the world´s economy was 3.3% in 2014.

The global growth projection for 2015 is 3,8%. Chinese President Xi Jinping said China´s will maintain strong. China´s groos domestic product growth rate is expected over 7 percent in 2015.

According to Oxford, the US economy to do well in 2015 with about 3% growth driven in part, by manufacturing momentum and rising employment, some of which is reaching decade highs.

Europe, The oxford Economics predicts growth of a little over 1% in 2015. Oxford Economics sees India as the strongest of the BRIC countries in 2015. Good growth numbers of 5.6% are expected, driven by the election of a pro-business government.




The world Steel Association forecasts that global apparent steel use increased by 3.1% to 1527 Mt in 2014 following growth of 3.6% in 2013. In 2015, it is forecast that world steel demand will grow further by 3.3%and will reach 1576 Mt.

If we analyze the table detailed below;  we see that Asia is the leading producer of steel, only China has a production of 822,7 tons while in 2014 has had a slight descents(de 49,7% in 2013 and during 2014 it was a 49,5% ).

The European Union is the second zone in the classification  where Germany is the leading producer. In 2014 has a production was 169 M.Ton. This represents an increase of 1.7%; increases in production in Germany and France and falls in Spain and Italy.

In short, the global steel demand recovery continues but growth is stabilising at a lower rate with continued volatility and uncertainly leading to a challenging environment for steel companies.

Production fell in the CIS, in Ukraine only  fell  17%.

In India, steel demand was expected to grow by 3.3% to 76.2Mt in 2014, following 3.8% growth in 2013. Despite uncertainties relating to the impact of upcoming elections steel demand is projected to grow by 4.5% in 2015.

In North America, crude steel production increased 2%, however in South America shrank 1.4%, since the sharp decline in Brazil, Venezuela and Chile were offset with increases in Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

In Central and South America, apparent steel use was projected to grow by 3.4% to 50.9Mt in 2014 down from 4.3% in 2013.This is forecast to slow further to 2.7% in 2015 due to contraction in Argentina and a sharp slowdown in Chile.

Crude steel production – December 2014
The figures below are in thousand tonnes.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
European Union (28) 14.603 13.871 15.449 14.288 14.973 14.376 13.840 12.129 14.223 14.714 14.210 12.457 169.243
Other Europe 3.075 2.908 3.072 2.834 3.208 3.117 2.995 3.100 3.087 2.909 2.978 2.910 36.194
CIS (6) 8.817 8.295 9.203 9.014 9.681 9.217 9.247 8.601 8.078 8.253 8.261 8.422 105.089
North America 10.136 9.494 10.356 9.812 10.229 10.067 10.463 10.618 10.119 10.243 9.740 9.977 121.247
Africa 1.328 1.287 1.280 1.342 1.229 1.419 1.273 1.397 985 1.286 1.353 1.399 15.579
Middle East 2.047 2.185 2.345 2.461 2.490 2.339 2.247 2.250 2.335 2.490 2.476 2.393 28.059
Asia 93.004 84.104 95.434 92.726 95.153 93.202 92.337 92.830 91.397 91.904 87.264 92.095 1.110.860
Oceania 416 469 489 413 437 455 514 419 503 514 390 470 5.488
Total 65 countries 137.061 126.035 141.586 136.680 141.206 137.823 136.831 135.209 134.559 136.401 130.337 133.712 1.636.960
This dates are of  65 countries, they for approximately 98% of total world crude steel production in 2013.
Annual total figures include revisions not shown on a monthly basis.



CUCHARASSelf-flowing refractory castables have been used in refractory market for more than 20 years. Their capability to reach maximum density without vibration have covered some appliications in which classic consolidation techniques has not easy implementation. Extension of self-flow as general castable configuration have been limited by necessary extra addition of finer raw materials which makes self-flow matrixes more reactive than vibrate equivalents.

Recently, RSI have developed a new concept of self-flowing castables with same matrix structure of vibrate materials. Their pure self-compacting behavior links maximum PRESS3performance with the most friendly installation. This new family has been named BERELOC and covers form standard high alumina compositions like BERELOC-82 especially developed for CIF coil protection ,BERELOC 60 Z; excellent resistance to chemical attacl by acid slag, for Pressurized Pouring Furnaces and transport ladles in Iron foundries.



7th Edition of METALMADRID., It was 29th and 30th of  October.Foto Standmetal madrid (2 de 2)

300 companies were present with the 220 stand, occupied more than 8000 m2.

52% more participation than  in the last edition.

Mention the celebration of 3 technical conferences: COMPOSITE, MOLD & TRATER.Conferencia TraterDay (1 de 2)

Our colleague Jorge Almeida participated in trater, about heat treatment.



ZENJIANG Insertec, took part one year more in ALUMINIUM CHINA Exhibition in Shanghai from 9th to 11th of July.aluminium-china-2014 ALUMINIUM CHINA

During those three days, some of the main Chinese customers visited the booth as well as other important international companies.

Due to the success with the received, Zhenjiang INSERTEC has already booked the space for the new edition in 2015.



WFO President Vinod Kapur spoke of the “systematic sea-change” in the industry and said: “Now is the time to respond in terms of the search for new products and process taking into account sustainnability and the moral obligation to be envirommentally conscious”.1240396_426462884131815_1873240478_n20140519_125546

Held every two years, the  WFC provides essential knowledge and gives participants the opportunity to share experience and network.

We were participating in what has undoubtedly been the most important event for the world´s foundry in our country.

28 BIEMH.- International Machine-Tool Exhibition


28th edition of the biennial of machine tool, it has become one of the most important fairs in the sector in Europe. Professionals from 57 countries have been able to check the quality of machines, accesories, components and industrial equipment in the halls.biehm2014

INSERTEC, as the last years, has presented our  latest products  in the heat treatment sector.

The balance has been positive with numerous visits, Customers and potential customers, recovering the good feeelings of the past.

INSERTEC, LORAMENDI and TECNALIA create a new company to boost the foundry sector


ILT Plasma Technologies will improve foundry quality, energy performance and productivity of the facilities through an innovative heating system

Basauri, 2 April 2014. In Europe, the iron foundry sector has an annual turnover above wfo10,000 million Euros per annum, according to the data of the World Foundry Organization. In this context, ILT Plasma Technologies SL was created; a new technology-based company seeking to improve foundry quality, energy performance and productivity of the facilities through a high-power thermal plasma heating system. This new company is formed by INSERTEC and LORAMENDI, two industrial partners with a large experience in the sector, and the TECNALIA Applied Research Centre.

The technology developed by TECNALIA, which has been called PLASMAPOUR®, is a casting unit heating system based on High Power Thermal Plasma technology (HPTP). After 15 years of research, it is one of the main innovations in the iron foundry sector worldwide.

The advantages of such technology are the following: it allows to work in casting temperatures that would be impossible using conventional equipment; improved energy performance, both in the casting unit as in the rest of the facility; improved productivity of the facilities, due to an increase in line availability, reduction of rejections and a better panel performance; and improved foundry metallurgical grade.

The activity of ILT Plasma Technologies will focus on the manufacturing, adaptation, commercialisation and implementation of plasma facilities in the foundry sector, with an estimated global potential market of 1,600 million Euros. The new company will be located in Basauri (Bizkaia) and foresees an annual turnover of 2.4 million Euros from the fourth year since its creation. You may reach ILT Plasma Technologies on: and

The creation of this new technology-based company, at a time of economic difficulty, proves that the Basque industry is active and committed to the future and the creation of economic activity, showing its commitment to collaboration, innovation and technology.

BEAZ, a Public Company belonging to the Economic Development Department of the Bizkaia Provincial Council, participated in its start-up, seeking to contribute to the growth of the economic activity and the creation of jobs.


The company was founded in 1973 in Vitoria and became a part of the Mondragon Group. It is a global benchmark in foundry equipment, supplying comprehensive solutions in the field of the manufacturing and assembly of sand cores and vertical moulding lines. Its main markets are Germany, China, USA, Mexico and India and has sales offices and post-sale services in these markets.

Its main clients are first-line globalised suppliers from the block and cylinder heads of the car industry, brake discs and safety systems manufactured in iron and aluminium. The average turnover stands at approximately 60 million Euros, of which 90% are exports. It has a staff of 160 people in Vitoria and 60 in its subsidiaries, who have a clear mission of contributing to the technological development of its clients and provide an excellent post-sale service on a global level.


The company was founded in Bilbao in 1980, and is devoted to the supply of Industrial Furnaces and Refractory Products. INSERTEC designs and manufactures solutions in the field of materials engineering and science for metal processing (mainly iron, steel and aluminium): from melting to casting and final thermal treatment.

 In the ’90s it began its internationalisation process, which resulted in a significant network of subsidiaries (Mexico, Italy, Brazil and China), agents and distributors. The sales from this activity have reached 75% of total sales.


TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first Private Applied Research Centre in Spain and one of the most important centres in Europe; with 1,400 experts, from over 30 different nationalities, focusing on transforming knowledge into GDP to improve people’s quality of life, by creating business opportunities for companies.

Inspiring Business is a synthesis of two concepts that go hand in hand: imagining and making it come true. TECNALIA’s differential value.

In order to value TECNALIA’S own R&D and favour a comprehensive management of the life-cycle of the innovative technological assets so as to maximise their impact on society and obtain a greater return for commercialisation, TECNALIA VENTURES, S.L., a 100% TECNALIA company with a relevant role in the acceleration of the incubation process of ILT Plasma Technologies, was established in 2013.




INSERTEC will participate as Bronze sponsor in World Foundry Congress, which takes place at Bilbao (19 – 21 of May), we will be proud of your participation!!.


The Tabira Foundry Institute, the World Foundry Organization and IK4-Azterlan would like to invite you to participate in the 71st World Foundry Congress that will take place in Bilbao (Spain), from May 19th-21st 2014.

For many years, the foundry industry has played a determining role in the economic and social development of civilizations. Contemporary demands and requirements from current society drive and inspire experts in the search for new technological advances. The different activities gathered within the Congress and the International Foundry Exhibition will represent an extraordinary opportunity to exchange technical knowledge and to build personal and professional relationships with the common goal of a prosperous and sustainable future. This international event will take place in the city of Bilbao. A living metropolis, where the different historical, industrial and economical trends are reflected in its magnificent architectural styles. Always open to visitors and ready to share its extensive cultural offerings, well recognized gastronomy and sincere hospitality.

We look forward to seeing you in Bilbao in 2014.

Yours sincerely,

The Organizing Committee of the 71st World Foundry Congress

SUMMER – Melting Tower

MELTOWER.-INSERTECSome of our customer in Casting Aluminium, taking advantage in summer holidays to setting up their Melting Towers.

INSERTEC, Put at your disposal an engineering studies; Combination of Refractory castables and precast pieces to rehabilitate and optimize the performance of lining.

SIFCA technology supposed an excepcional solution reinforcing more critical areas, combining mechanical and refractory properties.

THERMBOND technology, optimizes and minimizes partial repairs thanks to its properties of chemical adhesion to old lining.

Tilting Reverb Melter Aplication Report

illet Casthouse Melting unit

Aluminium Tilting Reverb Melter

Tilting Reverb Melter imagen


 Furnace capacity.……………………………………………12 Ton
Material to process

  • – 70% Baled or loose clean Window frames & profiles,Occasionally painted or dirty scrap
  • – 30% Primary Ingot bundles
Melting load …………………………………………..8.800 kg
Melting rate …………………………………………… 6.000 kg/hr
Bath dimensions ……………………… 3.400W x 6.500L mm
Regenerative Burners natural gas .……………… 4.700 kW
Total cycle time …………………………………………. 2h20min
Number daily casting billets ………………….. 10 cycles/day
Logs Productivity (billets Ø7” & Ø9”) ………….. 85 ton/day
Yearly production 330 days/year ……………. 28.000 ton/yr

dedicated Charging Machine, for processing logs 85 ton/day.
Melting Production rates.



Aluminium MELTOWER Furnace

Continuous Melting furnace 5000 kg/hr on tower mode, for alloyed aluminium in high-pressure diecasting process.INSERTEC Meltower 5000 kgh & Skip imagen

MELTOWER designed and manufactured in modular way, charging hood, preheating and melting chambers, over a structural support frame. The height is adjusted to transfer molten metal to an existing holding furnace by the spout.

The charging system is composed by a skip elevator and a storing system capable to weight and record the amount of INPUT material charged. This system is interlocked with the hood door of the tower.INSERTEC Meltower 5000 kgh & Skip elevator w accumulator Imagen

Refractory lining consists of a combination of precast shapes, monolithic castable, firebricks, and other materials. High strength and abrasion resistant material is applied in the impact areas of the tower.

INSERTEC, general layout skip elevator imagen

  • Melting rate 5000 kg/hr (Tower mode).
  • Aluminium Alloy AlSi9Cu3 at 720ºC.
  • Tapping in continuous to existing holder of 15 ton.
  • Skip elevator with bins storage for charging ingot bundles, returns and rejected parts.
  • Weighing platform, for monitoring material charged.


Natural gas burners (4+1 unit), total 4250 kW.

Second edition of Refractories Engineering course

Between the 11th and the 14th of March the 2nd edition of the Refractory Engineering Course organized by ANFRE (National Association of Refractory Manufacturers and Related Services) was celebrated in Seville. Our R&D Manager, Roberto Caballero, current President of ANFRE, opened the event with the opening lecture and the first chapter about refractory materials.


From RSI, attended two Sales Engineers, Eder Álvarez and Ricard Llobet, as well as a Technical Office Engineer, Óscar Berezo, all of them recently incorporated into the sector. All they evaluated the course in a very positive way, especially the visit to the facilities of Siderúrgica Sevillana.


On March 13th~16th, 2019, we organized a team include sales, TO, Purchase, Quality, Market departments to join the exhibition of 2019 Metal + Metallurgy China, Hope we can get more market and bring more improvement from this exhibition.


In addition, news from the organizer of the Metal China: start from 2020, there will no exhibition in Beijing in future, all the exhibition of Metal China will be hold in Shanghai.

INSERTEC, & RENAULT collaboration

RENAULT – The RENAULT Group has officially started its new manufacturing Plant in Valladolid, devoted to the manufacturing of the last generation of 3 and 4 cylinders blocks.


INSERTEC, among the collaboration framework reached with the RENAULT Group, which started in 2016 with the supply of several melting and heat treatment furnaces for the new Plant that RENAULT set in Curitiba, Brazil, has already supplied for the new Plant in Valladolid three Meltowers of aluminium and four T5 rotary hearth heat treatment furnaces, based on the latest generation design of our technological partners of Sanken Sangyo, from Japan.


But the collaboration framework is not yet finished, as there are already additional expansion plans for the Valladolid Plant, as well as another greenfield Plant in Bursa, Turkey, and performance and capacity expansion plans in their traditional Plant of Cleon, France, where INSERTEC will supply additional melting and heat treatment furnaces.


Oscar Iribarren.-28 de Febrero de 2019


Currently the range of Insetag products (INSETAG 87C2 – INSETAG 90 XF) are being used in Europe, in countries such as Turkey and other countries of the African continent in very particular conditions.



Adverse conditions in terms of quality of scrap, loading systems manuals etc… giving a safe response and optimal performance. Recently INSERTEC has made a major commitment in research for the development of these products in order to properly control the different layers of the coating.  A very rigid sintered layer according to the needs of each furnace and process.



Maintaining also a  semi sintered  layer and dust which provide the necessary safety in this application.

In this environment actually are present in furnaces up to 35 tons from fusing an important range of metals.



For a proper lining installation with bricks or castables, you must:

  • Have basic knowledge of the materials to be installed.
  • Dispose of Technical Data sheets & Safety and hygiene  Data Sheets of the products.
  • Consult suppliers recommendations for the use of materials.
  • Transmit information to installers.
  • Lead reports with the results of the furnace.



Analysis between the lining with bricks and castables:


  • Placement requires an expert hand.
  • There is a high length of Board between them. (the Board is the weak point of the lining and is located across the surface of the ladle).
  • Specific drying is not necessary.
  • Longer demolitions.


  • for the installation requires a mold and tooling (castable  mixer and vibrator)
  • Does not present any Board or weak area in the entire surface.
  • Better results than brick linings.
  • This lining is less sensitive to damage by slag.
  • Easier demolitions.



MAPATCH 90, for transfer ladle lining, works as sacrifice material which adheres the slag material and remains of casting that could contaminate the metal and protecting the refractory of slags attack that can damage the lining having to repair the surface of the ladle.


Main advantages of this material:

  • Easy application.
  • Quick-drying, it does not require a detailed control of the drying process.
  • Easy removal and cleaning of the material once exhausted its useful life.
  • Ability to capture and retain slag whenever it stays hot.




We have been doing business with ELEKM during decades, They visit our plant in bilbao where they can see our production plants and take part in a diferents presentation of our products.elkem foto

In the afternoon the group also visited AZTERLAN METALLURGY TECHNOLOGY CENTER.




WIRE 2018

Históricamente es una feria a la que acudimos con INSERTEC REFRATARIOS DU BRASIL, y la explicación es que muchos de nuestros clientes brasileños de origen alemán aprovechan esta feria para visitar proveedores y a su vez a sus familiares.


Está siendo una feria muy concurrida, para INSERTEC,  uno de los principales sectores son los hornos de recocido de hilo y el tratamiento de tornillos



Historically,  INSERTEC goes to this Exhibition with INSERTEC REFRATARIOS DO BRASIL, and the explanation it is because many of our Brazilian customers are of german origin, and they take advantage  of this fair to visit SUPPLIERS and in turn to their families.

It is still a fair very important for INSERTEC, one of the main sectors are wire annealing furnaces and treatment of screws.



Stable material PLASTIC PATCH is a compressible refractory joint filler, developed for Anode Baking Furnaces, to protect expansion gaps against clogging with packing coke during heat up and operation, and prevent the distortion of flue-walls during thermal cycling. Developed by CIR Laboratory Canada ( ), PLASTIC PATCH is available worldwide from INSERTEC Furnaces and Refractories (


Packing coke plays an essential process role in anode baking. However, the infiltration of its finer grains into expansion gaps, particularly those between flue- and end-walls, quickly leads to clogging, increased maintenance cleaning, even flue-wall distortion and eventually increased refractory repair costs. Poorly mortared brick joints, exposed during heat up, also suffer similar infiltration and clogging problems.

PLASTIC PATCH provides a stable and permanent solution to coke grains infiltration. Made from exfoliated vermiculite and fine-grain anhydrous aluminosilicate, and suitable for applications up to 1350c, PLASTIC PATCH adapts to these thermal expansion forces, by maintaining a glassy-phase during heat-up, allowing it to compress under thermal expansion, then heat-set to a hardened finish (1.2g/cm³ at 1200c) to maintain a tight seal.PLASTIC

Unlike conventional ceramic fibre or mortar options, PLASTIC PATCH does not shrink (<2%), or become brittle at temperature, and therefore does not need to be replaced at the end of each cell firing cycle. Occasional light repairs, if necessary, can be skimmed directly onto existing clean product. Both ways, downtime is minimised, and furnace availability is improved.

PLASTIC PATCH is supplied premixed, in cartons, ready for use. If additional flow is needed, up to 5% water can be added. In tight working spaces, its brownish-grey colour allows filled gaps and joints to be easily identified against refractory brickwork. Initial set is after 15 minutes, at +5°c. For larger areas, application can be by pump, or trowel. Finer joints and gaps can be hand-packed as required. Tools can be quickly cleaned with warm water. PLASTIC PATCH is non-corrosive, and does not contain irritants, known physical hazards or carcinogens, however wearing PPE is recommended. Storage should be for up to 12 months.

For the best results on new or larger gaps; PATCH GRIP, LIQUID ANCHOR and SOLID ANCHOR, also from CIR/INSERTEC, are additional products that can be used with PLASTIC PATCH.



Chinese government is pushing all industrial sectors to decrease drastically pollution levels. Actions, from dust filters and on-line controls to activity shut-down, have been stressing all industrial sectors, including refractory industrial mineral producers.

From EU refractory industry point of view, there are two minerals strongly affected due to the European dependency in Chinese import. Those minerals, classified as ‘non critical’ but achieving criticism in terms of risk of supply, are bauxite and magnesite.oxido-de-aluminio-marron-alumina-bulto-por-25-kilos

In a first step, refractory magnesites, like DBM and FM, as well as refractory grade bauxite and BFA are directly affected by Chinese lack of production with shortage and exorbitant prices. In a second step, the price of alumina-based specialties like tabular or calcined alumina or refractory cement, will suffer a significant increasing, opening a period of uncertainty.



ILT-PLASMA ,  will delve into the key parameters for a correct application of high power thermal plasma in nodular iron casting, achieving optimal thermal values without any degradation of the metallurgical quality of the metal.TUNDISH

It will both based their explanations on trials carried out by laboratories of recognised prestige in the industrial experience of companies in the sector.

01-06-17 mercado aisatico apuesta ILT


We have the pleasure to inform you that REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS INSERTEC has renewed the certification of management systems: quality management system, according to the new standard ISO 9001: 2015 and system of health and occupational safety, OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard, both granted by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance accredited certification body.ISO_Página_1

The maturity of our management system encouraged us to implement the requirements of the new version of ISO 9001: 2015, ahead of the deadline.

The obtained certifications confirm the good performance of REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS INSERTEC and recognized the maturity and effectiveness of its management system, at the same time that ratifies its commitment to continuous improvement according to the demands of the market and stakeholders.

Through these certifications is internationally recognized the effort and dedication of the staff of REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS INSERTEC for offering effective solutions to the needs of their customers.


South African Metal casting conference  15th to 19th March 2017 in conjunction with :

SAIF (South African Institute of Foundrymen), WFO (World Foundry Organisation), MCTC (Materials Castings Technology Centre), NFTN (National Foundry Technology Network), AFSA (Aluminium Federation South Africa).web_logo

The conference was well organised in a hotel complex close to Johannesburg Airport, and it was estimated that more than 200 visitors attended the event.

As with similar conferences there was a small gathering area where informal and networking meetings could be held between conference papers. This area also included several booths by foundry service and supply companies from around the globe.

Insertec Refractory Solutions had an attendance by Mr. Victor Mendoza, Andrew Fowler and Mark Preece to evaluate the market conditions, potential future development strategies and several key contacts were made in connection with this during the event as well as information gathering from select conference papers.

It was evident that the South African Foundry market was looking forward to expansion with Government backed policies for investment and localisation meaning a determined effort for existing and investing companies to source all of their needs within South Africa as opposed to imports. This being said  the market has some real potential for Insertec Refractory Solutions as an importer and following this initial visit work is on-going to establish a working structure to exploit these potentials and develop a local service supply route.