Flexible material based on mineral mica-flogopite quality

- with small addition of silicon resin.

- It works as a sliding surface for lining in Coreless INDUCTION FURNACES.

- Sheets 2.000x1.000 mm, thickness 0,4 mm


- Electric isolation material in CORELESS INDUCTION FURNACES.

- Electric isolation element in CHANNEL FURNACE COIL´S.

- As a join element in joints, coils etc.

- In Aluminium transport ladles, to protect the isolation against the water originated.

- To protect the isolation against the water originated during process.

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  • Insertec Technical Data Sheet
    Humidity xxx
    Caracteristicas Flexible material based on mineral mica-flogopite quality-with small addition of silicon resin
    Application Electric isolation material in Coreless Induction Furnaces, Channel Furnace Coils.
    Temperature 1200ºC
    Tipo de Ligante Mica foils are glued with silicon resins.
    Installation to stick the MICAFIBRA foil to the surface, use INDEDENC-C. Be sure that no voids are formed between the surface and the mica sheet.
    Storage In dry and covered place.
    Packing SHEETS 2000x1000mm Thickness0,4 mm, ROLLS 20x1 m
    Drying and Heating This material does not need an specific drying programme.