• PRECAST SHAPES: Efficiency & Sustainability

    The use of Precast shapes has led to increased security, greatly extended life-times and much reduced refractories costs in service


    Because of ease installation, it is common practice to install tapping / gunning materials as protection for the coil of induction furnaces. Updating furnace design to include push-out systems that facilitate the removal of the lining during demolition and minimize dust generation during the process, but affect the coil lining by eroding it, has resulted in new wear repair requirements in this area of the furnaces. In response to these new requirements, INSERTEC has adapted the technology normally used in mains frequency furnaces by installing a self-flowing castable to protect the coil. In this way, we achieve: Minimize the material's mixing waterIncrease mechanical propertiesMinimize the appearance of cracks during dryingExtend the life of the coatingReducing repair downtime A new coating concept with improved performance and offering greater safety to furnaces users! ...


    Insertec has designed a manufacturing plant, assembly, installation supervision and commissioning of the automated alloy and melting system for a plant manufacturing wheels from primary liquid aluminium in Sohar, (Oman).

  • RENEWABLE ENERGY SECTOR/Treatment of large parts

    Battery of 4 furnaces with a capacity of 25 tons has been delivered for the wind sector for the heat treatment of forged rings to manufacture wind turbines.

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Ankiros 2021

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